Develop housing for local needs that people can afford and doesn't ruin our countryside

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We, the residents of Eynsham village, like people in many other parts of the country, are threatened with badly planned development that favours greed over need.


If West Oxfordshire’s Local Plan goes ahead unchanged, our rural village will almost triple in size, becoming a dormitory town, encircled by existing and new roads. The ex-trunk road into Oxford, in particular, is already heavily congested, with traffic stationary at both peak and off-peak hours. The Local Plan is likely to destroy our strong community spirit and identity, not to mention valuable farmland, biodiversity and historical assets.


We are not NIMBYs. We have developed a Neighbourhood Plan for Eynsham, supporting development of 750 new homes appropriate for local needs, which would increase our size by a third. West Oxfordshire District Council appear to have shelved our plan, and they have ignored the objections of hundreds of residents who have responded to several consultations on the Local Plan.


To cap it all, we have scrutinised the Local Plan and found it to be unsound in its method and decision-making process. We know that this is the experience of communities around the country – the result of a deeply flawed national planning system.


We call on the Planning Inspector, West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council to stop and listen properly to the people who live and work here, to take full account of their opinions, and to act in a more just and democratic way.  


Eynsham Improvement Planning Campaign (EPIC)

2nd April 2018


Supporting material

1.     EPIC's top 6 points on why West Oxfordshire District Council's (WODC) Local Plan is unsound

 2.     Above photo (© Sue Chapman, resident) shows the organic farm which WODC propose to build on.  It forms part of one of the proposed development sites i.e., Oxfordshire Cotswold Garden Village.  This site is for at least 2,200 homes and is described as “distinct” from Eynsham although it is actually only separated by the notoriously busy and congested A40 trunk road.

3.     City Farm biodiversity

 4.     Eynsham Parish Council's response to West Oxfordshire District's Local Plan

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 6.     The south-facing fiasco: Comment's by resident Nigel Pearce

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