The Gym Saved My Life And I'm Not Alone

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Who chooses what is essential? You, me, us or them?

When you look for certain characters in a leader, what do you look for? Rules, finger pointing and blaming or guidance and truth? Our country and our economy is in ruins, as Canadians grasp for direction from our appointed leaders on how to stay safe, health wise, economically and financially for the years to come. Where do we go from here, is there not a better way?

This petition is bigger than just Athletic Kulture, it represents every person who depends on the fitness and wellness field for the positive impact of their mental, physical and emotional health, now and for their future.  

If you went to a doctor or any health expert and asked them how to fight against any virus, cold or flu including Covid19, what would they recommend to you? Would they recommend fast food, isolation, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol? Of course not.

Why are those businesses deemed essential when facilities with the sole intention to help change peoples lives for the better, are being shut down? Any health expert would recommend good nutrition, consistent exercise, proper breathing and a positive mindset to develop a healthy lifestyle. Gyms and the related fitness/wellness field take people's mental, emotional and physical health and progress it to a safer and healthier place. So why are we being closed when the negative and arguably un-essential business are left open? 

Sadly, the perception of non-gym goers is slinging sweat and doing the opposite of distancing, making it next to impossible to show people what truly goes on in a fitness facility. Please allow me to outline and list the precautions taken above and beyond what these "essential businesses" currently do. 

  • Required masks in enclosed spaces
  • Masks only removed while preforming strenuous activity  
  • Personal sanitation bottles to be used before and after touching surfaces
  • Limits on attendance based on floor space
  • Blocked off cardio equipment
  • Lowered class sizes

So why are we still being forced to close our doors to those who rely on the entire fitness field for support. 

Now take a second and picture this;

You walk into your local grocery store, Costco or Wall-mart, you have your mask on and the first thing you do is sanitize your hands. They then hand you your own sanitized personal spray bottle with a micro fibre rag, you cary this bottle with you spraying and wiping every surface you touch before and after. In any enclosed area, your mask stays on and is only removed when your distanced and doing a strenuous activity. 

Wouldn't that almost be considered over kill, in the goal of keeping you and your family safe?

So I stand before you, asking for your support and unity to allow fitness/wellness facilities to remain open along side it's essential counterparts.