Remove ANC from leadership in South Africa - Ban EFF from participating in votes!

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The ANC have ruled for an astonishing 25 years. In this time, the country has severely deteriorated economically and politically, leaving people stranded in poverty, poor education, murder, rape, crime and corruption and the future of SA looks bleak.

South Africa has a very sad history, as, most of the continent, it was exploited by White Supremacists through the European empires that conquered it all, with violence and racism at its core but when Mandela came to power, the country was united, because he saw past colour and saw one nation, the nation of South-Africa in unity, a rainbow nation. His legacy has long been lost and it is time to recognize that we need a government who can help its people from all races and backgrounds.

Be proudly South African and let us unite in rebuilding the country to strength. Since the ANC took power,they have made nothing but racial threats and broken promises and have destroyed our beautiful country with their corrupt and snake like ways! Let us unite as it was intended and bring the ANC to their knees!!

Every vote counts and together we can force them to resign power!! Support our cause and join us over on >>FACEBOOK<<