Middle School Recess

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Dear South Carolina Public Charter School District,

         I am Thomas Frazier a student at Felton Laboratory Charter School. We are under the great leadership of Dr. Gloria Winkler and Mrs. Patricia Goldsmith. I am writing this letter to you all to explain a new uprising problem. The problem we Middle School students are facing is a Lack of Recess. In the morning one class a day goes to Physical Education for 40 minutes a day. Reasearch has shown that we need at 60 minutes a day. That is a fraction of what we get now. At school the Administration has said to go outside when we get home. There are 3 reasons why we can't go outside or why we don't want to: 1. We can't socialize, at school we have the ability to socialize with our fellow classmates and schoolmates; 2. We have video games at home, when we get home after a long day of school we just want to sit or lay down; 3. We have home work to do, now imagine this if you will in our student handbook it says we are required to get 1-2 hours of homework every night. We get home at around 4:00pm then we do homework for 2 hours it will then be 6:00pm and now since daylight time savings is ending it will be dark when we get a chance to go outside. So the question is how will we get "Outside Time  at Home", we can't. In our state our Age group 10-17 is ranked 2 among 51 states at  21.5%. Without recess that number could increase to 30% then 40% than we could rank number one in the nation for Childhood Obesity. It is probably making people think why are our numbers so high. I have an answer, "Not Enough Playtime not enough Exercise". We kids need recess in middle school because we need fresh air and that will give us blood flow to the brain. That is very true because without recess we won't have any blood flow to the brain and we won't be alert in the classroom. The teachers say we don't know how to act. In ELA we learned about Causer and Effect. Cause: No Recess and enough Physical Activity in the day, Effect: No Alertness and Paying attention in the classroom. I know they were middle school once and I know that they probably did not go outside for recess. Why do we have to have that same treatment? There is a TV show and it is about a dad who wanted to give his children things that he didn't have. I think that is how the administrators and teachers should be with us. They probably didn't have recess but don't have us that same way. Another thing relating to that They say we can't talk in the classroom, we can't talk in the hallway because we have to get to class, we can't move around and socialize with our friends in the Cafeteria during lunch, and we can't talk during dismissal in the gym. When can we talk?  The one solution to that is recess! A time where we can indulge in activities such as sports, conversation, Laughs, and many other great things. We don't have that and I know they say don't ask about it because we are not getting it back but we have to have change. I'm not saying rebel and defy the school administration and teachers, but what I am saying is take change. We as middle school students don't have long left at Felton but we should be able to enjoy it while we are there. Please help us out with this matter. We know it may be a hard decision but we need your help and support.


                                       Thomas Frazier

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