A Royal Commission into Victoria Police Corruption

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We have never had a Royal Commission into the police in Victoria. Police have a difficult job to do. To do it, they are obliged to uphold the right. That right has been increasingly wrong, often at the expense of ordinary citizens. The last enquiry, the Bart enquiry, was in the 1997. Although it caused an internal scare there was still no public equiry. There have had many cases of corruption in the last twenty years. More recently are mainly peaceable community has been plagued by examples of shocking police behaviour. We have seen the perversion of justice, recently coming to light in the Miller & Silk murders; drug dealing, in Frankston; planted guns; racial harrasment, in Sunshine, and recently more sexual harassment and discrimination for female officers, as well as women in our community. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Recently the Victoria Police almost had the whole state kicked off the civic rights agreement. Although I have no direct knowledge of corruption, my own dealings with the police in Victoria have been bizarre, to say the least. I have personally seen many things that were extremely unethical and in no way upheld the right. We desperately need a royal commission into the Victoria Police. Let's really honour those who have died in the course of their public duty.

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