To stop maladministration of Midrand Christian College (MCC)

To stop maladministration of Midrand Christian College (MCC)

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Midrand Christian College

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We, the parents of Midrand Christian College have agreed to put together the below letter in response to the letter sent by the school on 1 July 2021 regarding the relocation of the school premises as well as other issues that we wish to bring to your attention.

1. We are not in agreement with the decision to move the school to the new address and we wish to keep our children at the current premises for many reasons, that include but not limited to: proximity, safety and avoiding disruption to the learning process.

We would also like to voice our concern that this decision was taken with absolutely no consultation of the parents who are the major stakeholders of the school and therefore major decisions cannot be taken without their involvement. We are deeply concerned that contrary to the Constitution of the school, the parents have been excluded in the running of the school by the current school management.

We commend the school for trying to solve the issues regarding zoning, but we still believe that parents must have been consulted so that they could assist in whatever processes that the school needs to take. In this regard, we have sent this same letter to one of the authorities so that they can weigh in on the issue and advise on how they can assist to rectify the issues. We have faith in them that they will put the interests of our children first and if need be, expedite the issues to be resolved as they do have the powers to do so.

2. We would also like to point out that we are concerned and we wish this concern to be addressed in 14 days. According to the school Constitution, which we have attached, and which has been the custom until recently, an AGM must be held where a new Council must be elected and thereafter a new management team must be put in place. No AGM or General Meeting has been held over the past 3 years and therefore no new Council or Management Team has been elected. We therefore call on the current Council or the one that was last elected to convene an AGM so that we, the parents can elect a new Council and management team for the school. We have annexed below the request to hold the AGM.

3. We do acknowledge the fears by the school that due to the pandemic no contact meeting can be held and we propose that, like other institutions have now adopted, meetings can be held virtually. It is therefore not an adequate excuse that parents cannot be involved because if the covid pandemic. We are concerned that there has been a deliberate effort to exclude the parents for reasons that we are not aware of.

4. We have copied this same letter to the NPO directorate as we are members of the NPO that is the school and we wish to have their say in having the above issues solved.

We trust that we will have an amicable response and that the above issues will be addressed timeously.



Date of AGM: 26 July 2021

Notice is hereby given to hold the Annual General Meeting for the Midrand Christian College.

General Purpose of the meeting:

To discuss the below issues and have resolutions made on the same:

  1. Election of New School Council
  2. Election of new School Management (by the new Council after they have taken office)
  3. New Constitution adoption
  4. School financial report


Parents and Guardians:

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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