Pakistan's Voiceless Animals

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We have let our animals, our voiceless suffer for too long! We need our communities to come together and support us here at LAPS so we are able to change this horrible situation. We would like to petition the local and national government of Pakistan to pass laws protecting these defenseless creatures and support efforts to spay and neuter strays to reduce overpopulation.

A country is a representation of how their people treat their animals. Putting a dozen bullets in a young, abandoned puppy is absolutely disgusting and is complete abuse! It also contrary to the examples  of Prophet Muhammad pbuh as mentioned in multiple hadith.

Lets put our differences aside and stand as a country, as a nation and support our voiceless! Enough is enough, we need to be able to look at a road and not see a starving mother with 8 pups. We must stop the constant abuse we put our animals through. We ask the government of Pakistan to take action to reduce overpopulation with humane methods of spaying and neutering and pass legislation against animal abuse.

By signing this petition, we can work towards the LAPS goal of SPAYING, NEUTERING and VACCINATING!

It's TIME we change and support every living creature in great nation of Pakistan.