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Don't Let Nelson Ryder the serial rapist out on parole. He will do it again.

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I was at work in broad daylight the Monday after a July 4th holiday weekend making calls, placing orders for the week and in he walked with a premeditated plan to rape me. Everything in my intuition was telling me this person did not have my best interest at heart. From the stone cold stares to how he was acting very sketchy switching from wanting a waterbed to a reguar bed to a bunkbed. I was at work so I kept telling myself just keep your distance. He kept trying to get me to the back of the store and as I turned he grabbed me from behind with his hands so tight around my nose and mouth I couldn't breath. My heart was racing what was he doing I lost all control of my bladder. I had just had a baby 6 months prior. I waited to have kids and thought I am going to die and my daughter is going to grow up without a mother. I fought for my life. He ripped my underwear off and gagged me with them so I couldn't scream. He was trying to get me on the ground but I just knew if he did I wouldn't make it out alive. I saw a man working outside and he had no idea what was happening. I tore the ladder off the bunk beds and tried to hit him but he was just too strong he got me on the ground and bound my hands and feet. He raped me and told me after if you tell anyone I will kill you. He ran out and left me hands and feet bound and gagged, battered, bruised, in shock broken bones but still alive to pick up the pieces and move on. He was too calm and too bold to do this in broad daylight in the store where anyone could have walked in. I said he has done this before and he had. Nelson Ryder had been serving a 40 year sentence for a rape against a woman 29 just like me. He qualified as a model prisoner for a rehabilitative program at Johns Hopskins which he completed and they said he was rehabilitated when he came up for parole his victim begged them not to let him out and they did. He raped again and committed the crime against me. He came to PA from VA to committ the crime because at the time he knew PA was not on the national board of sex offender registry. He knows the system and he will do it again. He was given a 30 year sentence with a detainer to go back to VA. They told me he would never see the light of day again. He is up for review for parole after 15 years. How does that happen?  He CANNOT get out! He gave me a life sentence and I don't ever get to get out of the prison he has put me in. Just getting the call and knowing this brings back all of the feelings of being raped, of being a worthless piece of shit that was used and left for dead, an empty shell, of all the stuff I had to go through of having to relive it again and again and again and again, wishing he would have just killed me then wanting to kill myself. The panic attacks, the PTSD, the anger phase I do not and cannot go back there. Every female out there will be at risk. PLEASE I beg you to sign the petition to keep Nelson Ryder behind bars to finish the sentence for the crime he committed and confessed to. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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