Return the Cuomo Bridge its original name: The Tappan Zee. That bridge is our history.

Return the Cuomo Bridge its original name: The Tappan Zee. That bridge is our history.

October 31, 2017
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The NY State legislature and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Monroe Mann

You have all probably heard by now that there are brand new bills now in both the Assembly and the Senate to reverse the re-naming of the current Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and to bring back the TAPPAN ZEE name.  Although legislative action won't be taken until after January, right now is the crucial time we need to gather support and build momentum.  WHAT TO DO?

1. CALL YOUR REPS: Call them in both the NY assembly and also the senate and ask them to support restoring the Tappan Zee name.

2. CALL THE RULES COMMITTEE:  This is really important.  Call members of the rules committees in both the senate and the assembly and ask them to support and co-sponsor the bill that restores the Tappan Zee name.  In order to advance out of committee, a bill must have as many co-sponsors from that committee as possible, and right now, we don't have the co-sponsors we need.

Click here to make it easy for you:

Senate: (choose Rules Committee from dropdown)

Assembly: (should bring you to the Rules Comm page)

3. CALL OTHER REPS: Don't stop at just calling your reps.  Call any whose district is in or near lower New York or the Hudson Valley.  Ask for their support.

4. HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Please share this petition. In 2017, our petition had 110,000 signers. We are now up to 176,000+ and the numbers continue to climb!   We expect to surpass 200,000 in the next few days based on some intelligence we have received.  Don't forget to ask friends and family to call their representatives too.

IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT TO SAY, here are some points you can make:
• Ask them to support the bill that will restore the Tappan Zee name to the bridge. Also, ask them to consider co-sponsoring the bill
• Remind them that this is not partisan. The trend of politicians - republicans or democrats - naming public structures after themselves or their family members must not be normalized, and indeed must stop. The Tappan Zee name is historical and we want it back.
• Changing the name behind closed doors without public input is just one more example of bad behavior by Gov. Cuomo that needs to be reversed.

Momentum is with us but if we wait, the effort will stall.  So please, make the phone calls, spread the word, share the petition, and ask others to make calls too.

Thanks, All!
-Monroe Mann and the SOTZ Team

 Although the bills we were championing did not pass, since 2018 when we delivered our petition to the governor's office, the number of signatures has jumped from about 120,000 to now nearly 150,000!  That's a whopping 30,000 more people who agree that we need the Tappan Zee name returned to our bridge.  This is not a dead issue, and we will continue to work hard to gather more signatures, because once we hit 200,000, that's newsworthy.  300K is a force.  400K is a mandate.  And 500K would be impossible to ignore.  So, be patient we must!  All in good time!  All we want now are more signatures.  So... moving forward, instead of making donations to our organization, Save Our Tappan Zee, we ask that you please apply your money directly here on to further promote this petition.  Every $5 helps promote the petition to a bunch more people.  Thank you! -Monroe & the SOTZ Team

UPDATE (2018): Our efforts have resulted in two bills in our state legislature: one in the senate; one in the assembly--with identical language.  To change the bridge name to "The Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge".  Yes, this is a compromise.  Yes, this has upset some people that don't want Mario's name anywhere in the bridge.  Alas, this petition I started (and that you signed) never was about 'removing Mario Cuomo's name'--it was about preserving the Tappan Zee name on the bridge.  Would it have been great if the bridge ONLY had Tappan Zee, and didn't honor a politician?  Of course.  But to accomplish things in this world, sometimes you MUST compromise, or nothing will get done.  These bills are a fair compromise that honor the Tappan and the Dutch, preserve NY history, avoid the spending of countless wasteful dollars to replace all the signs in NY state, and yes, allow Governor Andrew Cuomo to honor his father at the same time.  Is it the ideal?  No.  However, it most assuredly is the only way we will ever see Tappan Zee on our bridge.  So please support these bills.  They are our only shot at victory.

UPDATE (2017): A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $8,800 from over 300 individuals making small donations to fund a full-blown advertising campaign. We have also recently started a Fundraiser here on as well.  We are now officially Save Our Tappan Zee, Inc., a NY not-for-profit corporation. You can choose to support us via the fundraiser here, or you can read more and also consider supporting us at and [WE HAVE SHUT DOWN THIS FUNDRAISER--PLEASE PROMOTE THE PETITION DIRECTLY HERE ON CHANGE.ORG]


In the summer of 2017, the N.Y. State Legislature voted to rename the famous and now rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge (named for the Tappan Indians and the Dutch) after former NY governor Mario Cuomo. 

While Mr. Cuomo may be deserving of something named after him, it should not be at the expense of history, and the original settlers of our land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch.  And certainly not at taxpayer expense. 

The name Tappan Zee has no politics associated with it.  And it properly recognizes the true founders of this land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch. Plus, it sounds cool to say, “I’m taking the Tappan Zee.”  It does not sound cool to say, “I’m taking the Cuomo.”  Come on people!  

Most importantly, we should not recognize the contributions of one in history by destroying a memorial to another. 

Out of curiosity, why didn't the tax payers have a direct vote since we are the ones who ultimately paid for it, and will through toll taxes?  Didn’t a large part of the funding come from a FEDERAL grant? That is OUR bridge. America’s bridge. New York’s bridge. Last I checked, Mario Cuomo and his family did not personally contribute hundreds of millions to its construction...

It is time for Albany to do the right thing: bring back the former name of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

We want our bridge’s name back.

In less than one week, I have amassed more than 27,000 names to my petition to return the Indian & Dutch name to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

We are furious that the state legislature voted to rename OUR bridge the Cuomo Bridge in the dead of night without any input from the public. In 2008, the famous and historic Triborough Bridge was renamed the RFK. Now the famous and historic Tappan Zee is the Cuomo. What’s next? The GW? The Golden Gate? The Grand Canyon? Politicians should not be able to do this unilaterally. Why aren’t these national landmarks?

I know the Journal News has a section devoted specifically to news of the bridge once known as the Tappan Zee Bridge. Isn’t it ironic, that even THEY still call it the Tappan Zee?

But not for long. Sure, our older generations may continue calling it the Tappan Zee, but Generation Z? Soon all signs will be changed. In 30 years, the Indian and Dutch heritage that inspired the naming of the bridge will be gone. And for what? For someone who had NOTHING to do with EITHER bridge and provided ZERO personal funding for the bridge.

Governor Cuomo states that because it's a new bridge, it deserves a new name.  But that conflicts again with history.  England's London Bridge was destroyed four times and each time, it was rebuilt anew, but the name never changed.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  Florida's Cape Canaveral was renamed Cape Kennedy only to see its original name returned a few years later.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  The same should and can happen here.  

I hope you will join our collective outrage. We want our bridge back. Immediately. 


-Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA

P.S. - the original bridge was called the Governor Malcolm Wilson–Tappan Zee Bridge, known commonly as the Tappan Zee. So why can’t the new one be called the Governors Cuomo/Wilson—Tappan Zee Bridge?  In this way, we recognize Cuomo while not destroying the bridge’s true namesake. Why shouldn’t this happen?  The answer: there is NO reason. It should happen immediately, at very minimum. At best, it should just be the Tappan Zee Bridge. 

(Links coming soon.  In meantime, just search Google or Bing)
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* The Journal News (multiple articles, including an amazing one sharing the breathtaking contributions of the Tappan Indians on our nation)
* CBS 2 TV
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* The NY Daily News
* Hamodia
* Pix 11 News
* Tarrytown Patch
* The Los Angeles Times
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* The Yeshiva World
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* News 12 Westchester

UPDATE: A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $4,500 from nearly 200 individuals making small donations. You can read more and also consider supporting us at [WE HAVE SHUT DOWN THIS FUNDRAISER--PLEASE PROMOTE THE PETITION DIRECTLY HERE ON CHANGE.ORG]

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Signatures: 263,150Next Goal: 300,000
Support now