Destroy the rule that females can't wear leggings to school

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Morisset High School has now announced a new rule that females are not to wear leggings and or tights to school as and I quote "They are too distracting for the boys", said by multiple staff members, the p & c and the new principal. This rule by itself is disgusting, however making it worse girls are being humiliated and taken out of their classes and being told by their own teachers they are wearing too short of pants (above the knees) and to change them immediately.

Staff members are also making lude comments to young girls (slut shaming)  for wearing a piece of clothing, most girls in high school are also going through a identity phase and not being able to be comfortable and wear clothes that suits to them is affecting the wellbeing of these girls negatively.

These new rules have also been (currently) applied to females and not males there has not currently been any statements or remarks made against males wearing jeans however females are being slut shamed and tormented by staff for wearing a piece of clothing.

Not only has this new rule been announced another one has formed that hoodies shouldn't have any logos or a single letter on the front or back of the plain black hoodie worn by many students the new principal has set up staff at the entrance of the school catching and scolding kids for wearing the only hoodie they are able to wear at school that has a tiny little logo smaller than matchbox on the front of the hoodie.

Uniforms in schools are made to stop the socioeconomic issue for kids in school, however is it okay for the school to ramp up the prices of uniforms every year and ban any hoodie other than the school bought ones. The aim of this petition is to get rid of the new irrational uniform rules in public schools across the state.