Nobel Peace Prize for Navalny

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To Norwegian Nobel Committee:

We urge you to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Alexei Navalny.

Through his Anti-Corruption Foundation, over the past ten years, Mr. Navalny has exposed numerous cases of illegal enrichment of senior government officials. He shown and proved that massive corruption in Russia enjoys the backing and support of the authorities, the judiciary, the state media, and in fact, has become the very foundation of the ruling regime.

Mr. Navalny's revelations earned him immense popularity among millions of ordinary people — and incurred the regime's hatred, culminating in a recent attempt by the secret police to poison him, which miraculously did not end with his death.

Mr. Navalny’s courage is remarkable: in his daily confrontation with a ruthless criminal regime, he constantly risks his life and his family's well-being. Presently, he is under arrest in Moscow.

Half a century ago, the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to a great Russian, Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov -- one of its most consequential decisions, which recognized the high moral standing of Soviet dissidents.

Today's Russian regime is no less repressive, anti-democratic, and corrupt than the Communist Party rule. It threatens the stability and security of free countries to the same extent. Mr. Navalny is just as much the successor of Andrey Sakharov, as Vladimir Putin is the heir of Soviet rulers.

The awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to Alexei Navalny will serve as a world recognition of this continuity.