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The Murder of Gregory Hart and the Providence Police Department Cover-Up

Gregory Hart disappeared from a Providence, RI bar owned by Providence police officers.  The entire case points to foul play and the Providence Police Department is covering it up.

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U.S. House of Representatives
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Rhode Island State Senate
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Rhode Island Governor
On March 13, 2010, Gregory Hart disappeared from a Providence, Rhode Island bar. The Providence Police Department was called in to investigate his disappearance. The detective in charge of the investigation did little to nothing to investigate his disappearance. Gregory's body was eventually found by his sister and a group of her friends. Gregory's body was badly damaged, and he had defensive wounds on his hands. There were clear signs of foul play. The Providence Police Department ruled his death an accidental drowning. It was later revealed that the detective in charge of the investigation, is the owner of the property that the bar is on and the bar itself is owned by the wife of another police officer. The family or Gregory Hart needs to see justice done. The corruption that plagues the city of Providence and the state of Rhode Island needs to be eradicated. So far this story has only made regional headlines at best. It's time to spread the word to anyone who can help this family find justice. Please help us to renew the investigation. Please watch enclosed video for more information about Gregory's case.