The Most Overlooked Solution For Tokyo 2020's Most Destructive Olympic Games In History

The Most Overlooked Solution For Tokyo 2020's Most Destructive Olympic Games In History

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Fara Barnes started this petition to International Olympic Committee and

While an athlete and technologist training with Olympic gold medal coaches, I was producing a TV series on the positive social and environmental impact of the Olympic Games.

Advanced science and technology, previously pioneered by former members of the IOC who served as international leaders in the scientific community, has now painted a reality of how the International Olympic Committee's increasing corruption and greed has transformed the Olympic legacy into the most destructive sports leadership and Olympic Games in history.

We learned that the IOC and Tokyo 2020 organizers have become the most destructive Olympics in history after being caught twice, as recent as this August:

  • fast, cheap and unethical sourcing which caused damage to a biodiversity hotspot critical to human survival as well as endangered biodiversity and species which exist nowhere else on Earth
  • cutting corners on decontamination, resulting in unsafe living environments, venues, and foods for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • delaying disaster-relief for children, families and workers including related child cancer treatment as well as actual decontamination for safe living environments, water and foods while spending $20 Billion in taxpayers money to host the illusion of a "Sustainable Olympics With The Latest Technology Advancements"
  • delaying decontamination from the Fukushima disaster in a manner which is now putting citizens of other countries at risk as the toxic build up of nuclear waste has increased to such a degree that they're creating a quick-action plan for dumping it into the world's oceans, both impacting human and sea life

There should never be a situation where the International Olympic Committee (IOC), leader of the UN Sport For Climate Action, and Olympics organizers are the cause of any city's or country's taxpayers moneys being used for an Olympic Games while delaying vital life-supporting services to taxpayers. Nor should they ever be the cause of damaging water, foods and living environments which humans, animals, and wildlife require to survive.

In May 2019 the Head of Japan's Olympic Committee, a former Olympic equestrian, was indicted in a corruption investigation by an international court system on having bribed International Olympic Committee Members with millions of dollars to win the bid for the 2020 Olympic Games.

At the time that Tokyo 2020's bidding committee won, they and the IOC had already received scientific documentation on the issues above. Japan's Former Ambassador to Switzerland stated, "President Thomas Bach has all the documentation. Tokyo 2020 will be both an immoral and radioactive Olympic Games."

In May of 2018 the IOC and Tokyo 2020 were caught cutting corners on decontamination; delaying disaster relief for save living environments, water and food; and using fast, cheap and unethical sourcing of the Leuser Ecosystems' critical biodiversity hotspot.

In August of 2010 after being caught a second time, the IOC and Tokyo 2020 chose to double down on marketing rather than be accountable for their actions. Instead of taking ownership for the damages being caused by Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the IOC hired a corporate digital marketing expert for the the first time in history, to "transform the public's view and engagement for Tokyo 2020." 

Head of the IOC inspection team John Coates spoke during a press conference in Tokyo. "IOC President Thomas Bach has said no city has been as ready as Tokyo to hold the Olympics. Bach and other International Olympic Committee are calling Tokyo the best prepared in recent memory." Despite all of the major issues mentioned, Coates said he was "hopeful there won’t be any drain on the public purse." Coates contrasted Tokyo with Rio de Janeiro, saying "In Rio we didn’t know who was paying what & when; if at all,” he said.

As international world-class athletes who feel this is the exact opposite of the Olympic charter's sports in service to humanity, it is no longer our goal to be a party to this.

The UN Sport For Climate Action agreement which the IOC leads, accepts the fast, cheap and unethical sourcing of biodiversity hotspots critical to human survival that was done by Tokyo 2020 to be a crime against humanity. This is because it results in 10,000 times the rate of natural change, which no species can survive, including humans.

Biodiversity hotspots are ecosystems where the diversity of life and species does not exist anywhere else on Earth. Ecosystems most vulnerable to reaching irreversible damage are classified by scientifically-validated research as "critical biodiversity hotspots".

Damage to these hotspots affects other ecosystems and environments, and is linked to more: physical and mental health issues, resistant diseases, unstable industries and economies, natural disasters, and extinction of species.

Biodiversity is critical to human survival because its purpose is to transfer from different Earth ecosystems and environments the exact properties humans require to survive from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. 

The Leuser Ecosystem is among Earth's unique ecosystems which impacts global economies, environments and climate. It plays a critical role in climate and disaster resilience. It regulates the global climate by absorbing pollution and storing massive amounts of carbon in its lowland rainforests and peatlands. It is also the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and tigers co-exist in the wild. All four of these species are now classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Critically Endangered. The Leuser Ecosystem is listed as “one of the world’s foremost irreplaceable areas.”

Damage being done by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to the Leuser Ecosystem critical biodiversity hotspot needs to stop before it becomes irreversible.  

We need your help. By signing this petition you are helping us to enforce the IOC and Tokyo 2020 stop their destructive actions and be accountable for damages being caused by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Everyday citizens have the right to petition to enforce accountability and ownership as well as to drive positive change and to carry out solutions.

Petitioning is an effective method that can be used by everyday citizens to directly communicate with their governments as well as global organizations. The right to petition is a protected right in jurisdictions such as the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For example, in the USA, the right to petition is guaranteed by The First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Thank you for using your right to petition with us.

To check out our recent Live Radio Show Interview from Colorado on October 4th Click Here. For more on the IOC and Tokyo 2020, please Click Here to go to our Take Action page for 5 simple ways everyday people can become everyday heroes from their home, school or business; vetted links, scientific reports, and resources (including satellite maps on the biodiversity hotspot damage caused by Tokyo 2020 from the Global Land Analysis &  at the University of Maryland.


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