Yes, female animals menstruate too !! Ever thought about it before?

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It is the 21st century but more than half the population in our country has no idea that female animals menstruate. This should have been one of the most basic facts taught in biology class at school. More than 60% of the people are unaware that female donkeys, horses, elephants and camels menstruate too. We use these animals in our day to day life by making them work for us.

But no one can imagine the amount of pain these particular female animals endure while working during menstruating. Since such animals have a longer duration of gestation of the foetus, their menstrual cycle stretches accordingly. Unlike humans, they do not have access to substances that alleviate their pain. In many cases, they are not given such medicines. Female animals are worked mercilessly, just like their male counterparts, without concern for the difference in their fundamental physiology.

Animals like horses, donkeys and elephants are used most commonly in India, by people living in rural areas, for their day-to-day heavy work and sometimes these animals are integral in providing their humans a daily wage, for example, the horse cart drivers we often see near public parks. They are treated like slaves, unworthy of care and concern and are worked until they are nothing but skin and bones.

I am putting forward this petition to stop the use of female animals for work purposes, when they are menstruating. They are in an extremely vulnerable state and undergo a lot of pain. As a human being, it is my responsibility to try and be a voice for those beings who can't use their own. 

I need your help, to make this inhumane behavior stop.

Sign my petition, and help make the world a better place, for all living beings.