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The Leadership Campaign: Nothing Less than 100% (clean electricity), Nothing More than 350 (PPM CO2)

Sign the petition asking Massachusetts legislators to pass "An Act to Create a Repower Massachusetts Emergency Task Force" that would establish a task force committed to developing a comprehensive plan to get 100% clean electricity by 2020 for the state through renewable and alternative energies!

Letter to
Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts State Senate
Massachusetts Governor
I am writing to you today in support of The Leadership Campaign's call to action on climate change.

First, thank you for your leadership. Massachusetts has been a leader in environmental legislation by signing the Green Communities Act, the Global Warming Solutions Act, and participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which demonstrates our commitment and responsibility for science based stewardship of the planet and the people on it.

When the Global Warming Solutions Act was passed in 2008, it was believed at the time that stabilizing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at 450 parts per million (ppm) would avert the worst consequences of global warming. We heard the science, and we led by example by passing a bill that put our state on a science-based, responsible trajectory towards 450ppm.

But in the intervening years, the rate of change observed across the globe has far outstripped prediction. Scientists now say that the safe, upper level for CO2 in our atmosphere is 350ppm, and we are currently at 390. We need to stop putting CO2 in the atmosphere and begin to draw it out to maintain our prosperity.

That is why I am supporting "An Act to Create a Repower Massachusetts Emergency Task Force". We need to create this task force to research the best way to move our state to 100% clean electricity by 2020. This is the kind of serious action we need to combat rapid global climate change.

I am asking you to work to pass this act before Earth Day on April 22nd. Let us send a message to the United States that Massachusetts is serious about mitigating climate change and is ready to lead the world towards 350ppm for a stable climate and a secure and prosperous future for all.

Thank you for your consideration.
We are counting on you.


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