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The Infernal (sic) Combustion Engine Is a Dinosaur

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9/26/10 UPDATE -

I have been informed that my future tech idea about putting solar panels on car roofs is rather impractical at this stage of technological development - perhaps, perhaps not - remember, all of the technology we have today was totally unimaginable to people 100 years ago.  
I have not deleted my "theory" because my intent is to catalyze some IMAGINATIONS which seem to have grown rather dull at the top.

So why not put solar panels on the roofs of everyone's houses?
Well, because all the debt-money and then some went to War and Banksters and Political Campaigns of one sort or another ... etcEtcETC.
But then that is NOT A LOGICAL reason. 

Apply everything stated below to ELECTRIC CARS and this petition still stands as a set of options to seriously consider in order to accomplish what needs to be done.

Also see  if you have not done so already.  


It is time to move FORWARD.

There is no LOGICAL reason why we cannot design and build a car with a solar panel roof for most if not all of its energy needs.
In fact, I see no reason why a car could not eventually be built whereby ALMOST ALL external surfaces are solar energy collectors except for underneath where the sun does not shine.
There is also potential for designing cars with the harnessing of wind power in mind too.
These same ideas could be applied to ships, planes, bullet trains and other yet to be invented transit possibilities.

Anyone who thinks that Big Oil and/or Big Coal and/or Big Nukes should continue to be tolerated, endured, subsidized and sanctioned to continue to destroy environments and economies and LIFE is also a DINOSAUR with insatiable appetites too big for the world to be able to feed anymore, doomed to extinction. 
This pea-brained Dinosaur mentality is the opposite of survival intelligence.
So long as sucking up MONEY is the bottom line for Corporate Personhoods and Politicians, we will continue sliding further BACKWARDS. 
This is "terminal stupidity".

Let go of the Infernal (sic) Combustion Engine ... FORGET ABOUT MAKING IT MORE EFFICIENT... that was already done by Ford with the first one and was sabotaged by Big Oil later on down the line in order to make more profits thru waste and inefficiency.
Put a permanent moratorium on building infernal (sic) combustion engines. PERIOD.

We already have an electric car design that people really loved.
These cars were all recalled AND JUNKED!!!! YEARS AGO!!!!
What a waste!
What astounding mismanagement!

I suggest that once some good GREEN vehicles are ready, that those with the most inefficient model cars trade straight across and their gasoline cars be recycled for materials for the next new cars, (starting with those who drive the most miles).
They can pay a yearly "energy tax" based on how much they save with free solar energy, accounted according to mileage.
This funding can in turn be channeled into the QUIET GREEN transpo industry. 
The next green vehicles can be made available to those who have the next most inefficient cars, starting with those who drive the most, again trading their gas guzzlers straight across for the clean green car and again paying the same kind of "energy tax".
This same cycle can be repeated on UP the line over time until we gradually get all infernal (sic) combustion engines off the road.  

RETOOL FACTORIES, convert them to Solar and Wind Power and hire engineers etc to invent and design workable solutions.
Subsidize CLEAN GREEN AMERICAN businesses and education, providing opportunities for all the genius and ingenuity and hardwork potentials of the citizens of our once powerful country.
Fund these projects with Big Carbon Taxes on Big Industries and with the "energy tax".
Any "outsourced" industry has a HUGE Carbon footprint in the transpo of goods alone, not even counting other Carbon emissions.

In order to move FORWARD we need to let go of the past,
In order to let go of the past, we need to build a sustainable NOW so that the future will also unfold along sustainable lines.
In order to build a sustainable NOW, we need to channel resources, funds, energy, brains and jobs into FORWARD looking work projects.
This is all common sense and has already been recognized by anyone who has true survival intelligence and has taken a little bit of time to honestly reflect on the dire environmental conditions of our planet. 

What have you done for the future today?
Did you gobble up Gigantic Dinosaur bribes or did you seek REAL solutions to REAL problems?

 Cc: President Obama




 SPECIAL THANKS to BiLL Fowlie for the unexpected giggle pic here, which was a partial inspiration for these ideas.

Now if you would like a quick "Moment of Zen" Comic Relief to accompany the above picture in a Koanesque sort of way, I highly recommend linking here to: NOAH TODAY
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