Provide psychological help in medical colleges

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Is suicide the only way out?

I still couldn't believe my ears when my parents told me my elder sister was gone. Her name was Viola Rastogi. She was only 20, a lively busting girl, well liked and sharp. How could she go? It sounded uncanny and was rather hard to believe. She was about to be a second year student but had failed anatomy. The re evaluation didn't change her marks. She had a second chance to study for 3 months and reattempt the exam. In fact, we had been anticipating her failure and my father had already started supervising her anatomy syllabus. We were positive she would make it through.

There was no pressure from my family. All of us knew she could do it, we had no doubt. She was hard working and intelligent, there was no feat she couldn't achieve...but, she didn't realize that.

24th September, 2019

1:30 pm


She was standing on the roof, shivering, afraid, humiliated. She forgot about everything. Her phone was in her room, switched off. There were around 10 missed calls from my parents. She had cut off all connections. Now, she was focused. She had herself, she could do anything with herself.

She climbed up and she fell. She passed away on the spot. Within seconds.


Over the 10 marks which lead to her "failure"?

How come nobody was there to guide her through? 22 students had failed, but absolutely NOBODY in the college sat them down, and told them that "NO! This is not a problem! You can get through this!"

Failure is more than common in a medical college and it is obvious that students take stress over it. These colleges demand high fee (Amrita charging a huge 18 lakh/annum) but there is no facility of a professional councellor. 

My sister often complained of the low quality food, the gym door which were always locked, the restriction for girls who weren't allowed to leave the campus or keep mobile this a college or hell?

If you are training doctors who are to save lives later on, how could you give them an opportunity to lose their own?

I'm quite sure my sister would've been a fantastic doctor, had somebody professional held her hand and led her through...but alas, she too was a victim of this cruel INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM.

I am 16, and I saw my sister's ashes being submerged into the Ganga. I lost her, my lovely sister, my best friend. I can't get her back...but I can still prevent other students from meeting the same fate.

Please sign my petition for councelling to be available in colleges across India. They need it. They need it really bad.

Save doctors.

They will save you.