UBER drivers in the Houston area are drowning in unfair, and unjustly low mileage rates.

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As UBER drivers in the Houston area, we rely on UBER for honest earnings. We depend on them providing us with a way of living. In return, we confidently and diligently give passengers safe rides. Often without care of distance. 50 miles or 5 blocks, we were happy to serve.

As times have changed since 2014 we're no longer happy with the circumstances UBER has given us. Without our voices being heard on the matter. UBER would say they've provided us with perks such as with tipping, earnings for wait time, per minute time. None of it adds up for your driver.

We've had one perk since 2014... Tipping. The consensus of drivers is that Passengers do not tip. UBER has increased the percentage they are taking of our earning, while year after year decreasing the mileage rates.

Recently Uber decided to lower the mileage rates again and increase slightly the already significantly low minute rate. They have the insulting capacity of spinning it as "Valuing our time". This leaves drivers making staggeringly lower earnings. This comes after a number of cuts to the mileage rates since UBERs introduction to Houston. Originally the mileage rates for and UBERx was around $1.60.

As of today, our mileage rates in Houston are $0.64. That's 64 cents. Factor in the cost of driving is about $0.54 per mile on our cars. The rates are unfair and unjust. They're an insult to the service we perform with a past sense of dignity. The "increased" per minute rate is now $0.136. The minimum trip SHOULD be $2.44. So when a passenger travels just a mile, that is what we earn. This causes us to cancel more short rides, and more passengers going without safe and reliable transportation.

$0.64 per mile.
$0.136 per minute.
Wait time per minute $0.192
$2.44 minimum fare.

We deal with vial and dangerous things happening inside our cars, spending our own money preparing for it. From being robbed, murdered, urinating and vomiting passengers none of it is unheard of. Nation wide we understand the risks, but the pay isn't adding up.

UBER's low rates have caused drivers in the Houston area to become very competitive towards one another. UBER has caused an atmosphere without a common bond, but a common enemy. Even still we're uniting as a force for this issue.

Drivers are deactivating their accounts with UBER until they see a change for the better. This is costing people their liveliness. The driver community in the Houston area have a taken a stand and this is unacceptable.

Personally, my spirit is broken. I've been a faithful driver for years, with a perfect rating and not a single complaint against me. I've stuck it out through this point. I can no longer stand by while my fellow drivers are hurting from UBER's decision. I see people in my driver community leaving because over the years we've been lowered to a point of not having hope. We don't see a silver lining, and it's depressing.

We are ready to be heard by UBER, UBER passengers, and our local representatives. We demand higher mileage rates, much closer to what we had in 2014. We demand some assurance we won't have such low rates in the future. We are hard working people, in a service industry. We're drowning working 12-hour shifts on an uphill battle.