Allow Grassroots Motorsports to remain open with restrictions during the COVID-19 lockdown

Allow Grassroots Motorsports to remain open with restrictions during the COVID-19 lockdown

April 7, 2021
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Why this petition matters

To the Honorable Lisa McLeod and Honorable Doug Ford,

My name is Colin Caissie and I am a founder and co-owner of Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy.  We are a performance driving school that introduces and guides people through the world of grassroots motorsports.  As a leader in the community, we are writing this letter to ask for the consideration of allowing Grassroots Motorsports to remain open with restrictions put in place to ensure public safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the following regulations motorsports cannot open during the current state of lockdown: (

The term “Motorsports” is used as a blanket statement with no clear guidance as to what is actually defined as motorsports.  Motorsports, as a whole, comes in many different forms ranging from professional motorsports (F1) with large (50 people) crews to grassroots motorsports where an individual shows up with their own car at a local outdoor venue.  We are petitioning as the latter.

Professional motorsports definition:

- Drivers and teams participate in motorsports with it being their primary source of income.
- Large sums of income are earned from winning events, salaries and bonuses paid by team owners and sponsor contracts.
- Professionals participate in motorsports as a career and a way to earn income.

Grassroots motorsports definition:

- Drivers and teams operate at a financial loss and have to fund their own activities out of pocket.
- Participants can source assistance from sponsors to help offset some of their personal costs to participate in motorsports events.
- Grassroots participants utilize motorsports as a hobby and social outlet. 

The facts to consider:

Grassroots Motorsports are safer than most other industries:

- Events are held at large outdoor spaces making social distancing very easy (racetracks and large parking lots)
- Events can be capped at a low number of participants.
- Participants spend the majority of the time at the event by themselves in their own vehicle
- A single driver’s meeting is the only time people have to gather in a group (outside) and can still practice social distancing with all required PPE.
- Grassroots Motorsports is practiced by thousands of individuals in Ontario.
- These participants use these events as an outlet for stress and social activities.
- Healthy outlets for stress are currently of the utmost importance.
- Grassroots motorsports helps eliminate “Stunt Driving” on public streets (

Current regulations do allow “outdoor recreational amenities” to stay open under the following regulations:

- Physical distance of at least two meters can be maintained
- Team sports, or other sports or games where people may come within two metres of each other, are not practiced or played
- Locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses remain closed (except for access to equipment storage, washrooms or first aid)

Grassroots motorsports can easily accommodate these regulations and should be considered in the same category as an “outdoor recreational amenity” by nature of the similarities in the events and venues.   

Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy places a high value on community safety and regularly partners with law enforcement agencies to help with community initiatives.

Many industries have had the opportunity to remain open while following strict guidelines to ensure public safety. Grassroots motorsports events should be allowed the same courtesy as it can be done safely and provides many benefits to the community during these trying times.


Thank you for your consideration,

Colin Caissie

Founder/Co-Owner Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy

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Signatures: 1,568Next Goal: 2,500
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