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Respected Sir,


Today, We, the so-called civilized species, are living at the edge of State-of-the-Art Life-Style in this 2nd Decade of the 21st Century.

But Still Today, We have firm faith in such ridiculous rituals & practices, which not only ashame our humane character, but also, are mere wastage of Money & Time in the alter of God-hood.

One of such practices, is Sacrifice of Innocent Animals/Birds in the so-called "Sacred(!)" Temples of Tripura. I have really got hurt by knowing the fact that, the Govt of Tripura is running / administering through it's District Debarchan Departments, Temples such as, Tripureswari Temple, Chaturdash Debatabari Temple, Durgabari Temple in one hand, and without doing anything to stop this malpractice, it is providing funds to these temples for Sacrifice of Innocent Creatures!


Mr. CM, I am really sorry to say that, this paradox is highly shameful for a Progressive Govt in today's era!

Being A Common Resident of Tripura, I do not have proper knowledge, nor understanding, to state or support my views in an organised manner. I am just sharing what I feel when I see the Priests beheading living creatures like Goats, Buffalos, Pigeons, Ducks & Chickens within seconds in the name of God-hood, AND I FEEL MYSELF INCLINED TO THINK, HOW CRUEL MEN COULD BE???


Dear Chief Minister, If Your Govt Have A Heart, You Will Surely Be Able To Listen To The Hearts of Your Own People - Which Still Cry Out Today - "ETO ROKTO KENO???" And, you will surely take all necessary action both Administrative & Legislative (if necessary) please.



Yours Faithfully, -


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