Save South Hobart Primary School Library

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Students at South Hobart Primary School will be without a library for the next 3-5 years, unless urgent action is taken by the Education Department to create at least two new classrooms to accommodate rising student numbers before the 2021 new school year. Currently, two classrooms are planned to move into the current library space, leaving students without access to a library, for a large part of their primary schooling.

Like many Tasmanian Primary Schools, South Hobart Primary School has been growing rapidly, doubling in the last ten years from 243 students in 2010 to around 500 students in 2021. With growth set to continue, the school needs urgent infrastructure planning and spending to ensure South Hobart Primary Students are not disadvantaged by this failure of the Department of Education to provide for the basic needs of our children. This must happen IMMEDIATELY to ensure our children do not lose their library.

Losing the library is NOT an acceptable solution to the space issues. Research demonstrates that a school library provides more than simply access to books: it is a vital space for student wellbeing and literacy development.  A library provides a quiet space that is desperately needed in a school in which class sizes are at capacity, and we believe is a basic right of children in the Tasmanian Education System.

We urge the Minister to act now to save our primary school library. Alternative options exist and include: 

  • Re-allocating part of the school car park to make space for two demountable classrooms for 2021, whilst a larger building program is planned.
  • Returning the land adjacent to the school, (owned by the Education Department but which is currently leased by Lady Gowrie Weld St ) to South Hobart Primary School for use as classroom space.
  • Demountable classrooms in the flat area of oval, also while developing a master plan to deal with ongoing growth at South Hobart Primary.