Federal Election Music Education Charter

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Every child, in every Australian primary school deserves a continuous, sequential and developmental Music Education, which is delivered by an expertly trained music specialist during a weekly protected one hour session. Every Australian child in Secondary schools deserve opportunities to continue their training, with dedicated specialist music classes, opportunities to study an instrument and participate in vocal groups, bands and ensembles.

The people of Australia highly value Music Education, and we the undersigned believe that every child, in every school deserves a rich Music Education. The research demonstrates that those who study within an engaging music program benefit from higher outcomes in numeracy and literacy, emotional health and engagement to school. 

As we now move towards the Federal Election, we call upon any newly elected government to:

 * Make Music a compulsory subject for all Primary school students in Australia

 * Provide Primary schools with a minimum time allocation per week to deliver Music, as it has with sport.  While sport provides extensive physical health benefits, Music provides extensive social and emotional benefits

 * Review the policy for providing preservice training in specialisms for Primary Teachers.

* Instruct AITSL to deliver benchmarks for quality music education teacher service for ITE providers

 * Develop ITE provider guidelines for excellence in Music education pre service training.

 * Work at COAG to instruct STATE governments to deliver on whole of class, P – 6 Music Education delivery, according to the standards required in the Australian Curriculum

 * Encourage State Education Ministers at COAG to deliver Music Education to all Justice system programs, special needs specific schools and any alternate education setting as appropriate.

 * Encourage State Education Ministers at COAG to follow the example provided in Victoria where a strategic improvement plan has resulted in greater Music Education delivery, including maintaining salaried instrumental music teachers, the Quality Music Education Framework and the VCAA Music Education Guide: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/arts/Pages/music.aspx

We see in the ABC Documentary #DontStopTheMusicAU that people all over Australia want their children to receive a comprehensive Music Education: https://iview.abc.net.au/show/dont-stop-the-music


Dr. Anita Collins publishes the latest research on Neurological and cognitive benefits, showing students improving in their literacy and numeracy outcomes. http://www.anitacollinsmusic.com/aboutanitacollins/

The School Music Action group blog hosts a range of research and resources demonstrating the positive effects of Music Education: http://smag-schoolmusicactiongroup.blogspot.com/


Skills delivery to young people wishing to enter an Australian $1.2 billion Music Industry needs a continuous, sequential and developmental approach for graduates to succeed on the global stage: http://musicaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Australian-Music-Industry-Statistical-Snapshot.pdf  “Live music injects over $1.2 billion into the Australian economy annually, and the broader Australian entertainment sector is valued at $ 3 billion.”

Every child, in every school deserves a quality music education delivered by an expertly trained teacher.