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Petitioning Justice for Carter (Opie) Strange and 3 others

Hold the criminals responsible for this savage beating accountable


To restore civility to our society. To ensure people that commit heinous criminals acts are held accountable and punished for their actions.

Carter Strange had spent the evening of June 20th 2011, helping a friend. A good boy, the 18 year old was simply minding his own business, and was trying to get home in time for his curfew. Just after midnight, Carter was jogging through a parking lot in the “Five Points” section of Columbia, SC, an area of town near the University of South Carolina that is frequented by college students.

Carter had no idea that Tyheem Henrey and a gang of 7 juveniles, ranging in age from 13 to 16, had spent the past several hours unsuccessfully assaulting and trying to rob at least four other innocent people in the area. Carter was brutally attacked and robbed by this gang of thugs. He was savagely beaten, kicked and left for dead. Miraculously, Carter managed to get up and make it another block - before collapsing, bleeding and with severe injuries. He would lie on the ground for two hours, bleeding and with severe injuries, before being found by a passerby.

His facial and head injuries were so severe that his own mother could not recognize him when she arrived at the hospital's emergency room. She knew it was Carter because of his hands and hair. Carter had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. Several days later, he had facial reconstruction surgery. He's had several surgeries to correct the damage these thugs have done to him.

On February 8, 2012, Family Court Judge Robert S. Armstrong, Fourteenth Judicial Circuit, decided that Malik Strider should be tried as a juvenile – opting to believe the image presented to him by the defense team, who painted him as a 'saint'. Yet, the judge refused to even allow Malik Strider's own words – those on his own Facebook page and that of his brother, “Ant”, wherein Malik Strider brags about his “SmashTeam”, stealing the term from military units that are known as ‘Smash’ teams for their “prowess and destructive ability”.

The courts may be blind to the truth but the public should not be. Check out these two Facebook pages and you can easily see what kind of people they are. Posing with guns, thousands of dollars in cash, bragging about “robbing” people. 

Ant SmashTeam Founder Avritte -

Malik SmashTeamfounda Strider -

This was an extremely brutal, premeditated crime. This was a hate crime, a lynching, a mob attack and a planned, premeditated attempt at murder. The justice system has decided that these criminals are “good kids”; they aren't. They should be tried as adults and punished severely for the crimes they have committed.

Please show your support for Carter's family as they fight this injustice. We implore you to contact your elected officials and have them force the justice system to “do the right thing” and to punish these criminals, to the maximum extent possible.

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