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The Governor of MA: Make Massachusetts the 25th Right-to-Work State in America

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In February of 2012, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana signed a law making his state a "Right-to-Work" state. This means that public-sector unions could no longer force its members to pay dues to the union bosses, nor could workers be forced to join a union as a condition for employment. These examples of labor union powergrabs harm the economies of states, since they deter businesses from establishing branches in states that are not "Right-to-Work".

Over the last decade, unemployment in the 23 RTW states before Indiana has gone down quicker than in forced unionism states, like Massachusetts. Average unemployment is lower in RTW states, and businesses like Boeing (South Carolina) and Caterpillar (Indiana) are more likely to set up factories to these states than forced unionism states (Caterpillar moving jobs from Illinois to RTW Indiana, Boeing moving jobs from Washington State to RTW South Carolina).

Sign this petition if you stand for worker's rights, and the freedom to associate with whichever unions they choose, and shouldn't join a union as a mandatory condition of employment.

Right now, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin are considering RTW bills as well. These are states (like Indiana) that have long been considered union strongholds, where labor unions could hold unprecedented sway over a state's laws and politicians at the expense of job-creation and the welfare of middle-class families. You can break their stranglehold over these legislators by signing this petition. Our economic health as a country depends on it.

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