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Pass HB12S-1006: Civil Unions

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The United States of America is supposed to be a land where "all men are created equal." Equal, that is, unless you are gay. Equal, that is, unless you are a lesbian.

Is that how we want to be known? Is that how the United States, a land of opportunity and freedom, wants to be portrayed? How we act today is a reflection for the generations to come. People love to preach equality, wellbeing, and respect for everyone. Growing up, children are taught to treat others how they want to be treated.

Does that mean we are encouraging our children to discriminate against someone because of who they love?

I strongly urge the Colorado General Assembly to reconsider and pass the Civil Unions Bill. Apparently, asking for marriage is too much, should a person also be denied his right to a civil union with his partner? The MAJORITY of Colorado wants this bill. The MAJORITY of Colorado believes in equality. The MAJORITY of Colorado has expressed agreement for this bill to be passed, so why can't our "representatives" speak on behalf of the majority?

In his farewell address, United States President George Washington warned our nation of the foundations of political parties, and he has proven himself correct time and time again. It is time to drop your beliefs and speak on behalf of the majority. We WANT Civil Unions! We WANT equality! We WANT all men to be created equal, despite their sexual orientation.

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