Enough is Enough: Rebuild Bomaderry High

Enough is Enough: Rebuild Bomaderry High

5 March 2020
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The NSW Government (Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bomaderry High School P&C Association

Enough is enough!
Let’s stop empty promises, let’s stop wasting money on repairs that fail to address the underlying issues and let’s rebuild Bomaderry High School so our students and teachers are provided with infrastructure that allows everyone to thrive.

Now is the time to properly address the:

  • underlying and ongoing design problems;
  • health and safety issues;
  • significant accessibility issues;
  • maintenance backlog;
  • power needs of the school;
  • need for air-conditioning;
  • need for updated and upgraded facilities and equipment.

To do so now would not only save the government money in the long term, it would also prevent further health risks, stress and disruption for the whole school community.

We all know that investing in education is investing in our future; it is time to invest in the future of BHS students and provide them with the learning environment our community needs and deserve.

The staff and students at BHS are incredible, they do not deserve to be dealing with the unnecessary stress and disruption they are currently facing.

We call on the NSW Government & Department of Education to #rebuildBomo and create a fit-for-purpose, modern and universally designed school that meets the needs of all students for the rest of the century.

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Signatures: 5,150Next Goal: 7,500
Support now


  • The NSW GovernmentEducation Minister, Sarah Mitchell
  • The NSW Department of Education