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We can increase trees, shade and wildlife in Fremantle. Will you help us?

Trees are silent assets for any city — they create lush parks, leafy streets, shady spots, a cooling effect, and habitats for native wildlife. It’s proven that trees and green spaces have wide reaching positive effects for local communities and yet, Fremantle ranks below similar local government areas when it comes to green cover. In fact, Fremantle was found to be one of just 20 urban places around the country with a “very high” challenge of maintaining and growing future green cover. Simply put, our city doesn’t have enough trees. And, if you’ve spent any time walking in Fremantle on a warm day, you will have felt the lack of canopy cover for yourself. It’s time to make a tree change in Freo and we’re calling on you to help.

Sign this petition to green Fremantle for the future — today. 

We’re calling on the City Of Fremantle to increase the tree canopy coverage across our city. We’re asking them to not only plant more trees, but to also increase the planting of shrubs and ground cover in areas where large canopy trees cannot be planted. 

We need more trees in Freo. Here’s why.

Increased biodiversity
We’re lucky to have some of the most unique and beautiful wildlife in the world. A healthy urban forest that uses native trees and shurbs endemic to Fremantle will contribute to biodiversity and provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife. Urban forests around the world have been shown to support a wide range of species, even endangered animals and other biological species of high conservation value. By planting and managing different age strata, biodiversity and a wider range of habitats can be enhanced. Let’s bring WA wildlife back to Freo. 

Reduce the urban heat effect 
Trees are proven to cool down our cities, as Summer temperatures heat up around Australia, this has never been more important. Research has shown that a 20% increase in a city’s urban forest canopy can reduce ambient temperatures by 3-4 degrees Celsius. The addition of trees and vegetation in the built environment is one of the most effective ways for mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect. Through the natural process of transpiration, trees help reduce day and night time temperatures in cities, especially during summer. Trees provide shade for streets and footpaths and their leaves reflect and absorb sunlight, minimising the heat absorbed by the built environment during the day

Reduced electricity bills
Restoring our natural systems is often more cost-effective than technological substitutes or building new infrastructure. Major economic benefits come through shading buildings in summer, reducing the need for air conditioning and, in turn, cutting energy costs. 

Climate change
Trees absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, Trees are powerhouses when it comes to regulating city microclimates — filtering air pollution, providing shade, absorbing CO2 and helping prevent flash flooding. They can be a solution to the environmental challenges we're facing in our cities.  

A happier and healthier Freo community
The availability of, access to and even the ability to view green spaces and trees has positive effects on people’s wellbeing. Many studies have explored the relationships between the amount of green in the landscape and associated levels of wellbeing or depression. In the Netherlands, disease rates, including mental disease, were shown to be of a lower prevalence in areas with higher percentages of green spaces within a 1km radius than those with lower percentages.

Will you help us and call on the council to plant more trees?

In 2021, we have a unique opportunity to ask the Fremantle Council to increase their tree planting activities. But, we need community support to make it happen.

Our Goal and Next Steps

This petition calls on the Fremantle Council, WA to: 

Increase the tree canopy coverage across our city by planting more trees, shrubs and ground cover.

If you would like to amplify your voice, please call or email your Mayor:

Fremantle (Mayor) - Brad Pettitt
(p) 9432 9799

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