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Call to Action to Implement Changing Tables in All Men's Washrooms in Ontario

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It has been brought to my attention, as a worker, and member of society, that many fathers still facing limitations to diaper change duty. In a country, where diversity is highly emphasized, male parents should have the right to change their children's diapers with dignity in a comfortable and clean space. Not only does the lack of changing tables affect fathers who are with their baby for the day without the mother, but places restrictions to single dads, gay dads, grandfather's and male babysitters as well.

In assigning a changing table to the women’s washroom only is biased and unacceptable; therefore, I ask all individuals to take part in signing this petition to demand legislation to amend the Ontario Building Code. Locations that will require the installation of diaper changing tables include newly built and older restaurants, superstores, supermarkets and retail companies. In signing this petition, you are giving back to the community in taking a step towards gender equality, and recognizing that women are not the only caregivers to change diapers.

By acknowledging the need for diaper change tables in all public washrooms, the province of Ontario area will be the following the example set by New York City, starting with the GTA Area, in passing their own bill towards eliminating gender stereotypes. As a worker, at Babies "R" Us, it was heart aching to witness a male parent who was in immediate need to change his baby’s diaper, but was unable to, because there was no diaper change table in the men’s washroom. No parent should be turned away from changing their own child’s diaper because of the lack of diaper change tables. If small developments like airplanes can fit a diaper change table in the washroom, so can a restaurant!

My desire is to help and assist all parents with well-equipped washrooms to meet their needs. Whether you are a mother, a father, or a male babysitter, all individuals are entitled to an environment where equality and equity are met. An environment, where one gender is not pinpointed to one task just because of the old societal norms have been set in place. Small changes have big impacts, and by establishing diaper change diapers in the men’s washroom, a lot of male parent’s will face fewer barriers when going out with their child. Therefore, I ask everyone to take the time and sign this petition to further create a less generalized community!

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