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On the 2nd of December 2019, a young lady by the name of Moradeun Balogun, who had been stabbed during a robbery attempt was rejected by an hospital in Lagos because of the absence of a police report. She was rushed to another hospital by the good Samaritans but had lost too much blood by that time and she died.

Several Nigerian hospitals have been known to turn down victims of various attacks in life threatening conditions rushed to them for help because they don't have police reports. This inhumane practice has led to the death of several innocent victims, deaths that could have been avoided. It exhibits a lack of respect for the sanctity of the human life, the life of Nigerian Citizens.

We enjoin the Federal Government of Nigeria and the National Assembly comprising both the Senate and the House of Representatives to sponsor a bill and sign into law an act stating categorically that a police report or clearance of any sort is not required BEFORE victims of attacks can be attended to by health institutions, mandating health institutions and professionals to treat victims of attacks with dignity, not subject victims to any degrading or inhumane treatment and criminalizing the actions of any medical institution that falls foul of the provisions of the law with appropriate punishments.

This law is vital to prevent unnecessary loss of life of many Nigerians considering the security challenges in many parts of the country.