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Grey hound racing is wrong...

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Hello, My name is Phoebe, I would like to explain why we should stop grey-hound racing. We all know that grey-hound racing is a bad cause, But some of us don't understand why... Well let me put out some points,
First of all, They are cramped into cages which they barely, Or cannot move at all...

  • The Greyhound industry treats the dogs as if they have no feelings, As if they are just our entertainment, as if they were a machine...
  • Some are actually fed drugs to improve in racing, Even cocaine has been found at greyhound racetracks.
  • Dog's every-week are killed on the racetrack, Most of them anyway,
  • They also lure the dogs to finish the race by.. Using live bait, Such as Piglets, Possums, Rabbits and Kittens

No one I think really knows what it feels like to be in the Greyhound racing industry, Lets have a look at what it would feel like if you were the Greyhound.
One day, You wake up, As usual at 6-o'clock in the morning, You and the others, all get out of your cramped cage... They take you for a walk, Probably just being nice for the morning.. Out for a sniff and you all go out for a run! You enjoy it for a while, But get exhausted... Meanwhile you do other things during the day, it is around dinner time, you get weighed to see if you are well, "qualified" to participate in the race... You are given a blue blanket with the number 3... You race to see if you will make it.. You won 3rd place!! Nice job. Now you are lead to the races with other grey hounds... You have no idea what will happen if you lose.. You are put into the boxes again.. You race and you came last.. They ake you somewhere and your scared, they get out something unfamiliar and BANG...
Well sooner or later I will be making an animation to this although this was an assignment for my teacher, But I still hope people will sign this to make a better world.
If you wish for more information please tell me so :) This was really special for me to make, I hope that I could point this out to you all what pain some animals go through, Maybe in the future I hope to make a website about these to point out why we should help.

If you are wondering : Why should I help? It's not like it is us there just DOGS!

Well guess what, They may be just dogs but they have feelings, We are not the only ones on this planet, Plus can you imagine a world without dogs? If you can then, well I have no words for that. Dogs make the world brighter every percent. Anyway that is my point, Everyone deserves a future too, Not just humans.

~Mans best friend isn't entertainment~

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