Residents call for action on Tofino Bylaw enforcement

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The residents of Tofino call on the District of Tofino staff, Mayor, and Council to enforce their municipal bylaws to ensure public safety and community standards.
This summer, the residents of Tofino have become perpetually overwhelmed and frustrated with illegal overnight camping on various District of Tofino parking lots, beaches and at all residential streets, particularly locations adjacent to the beach and in town.
On an ongoing basis, residents have also observed dangerous and illegal parking around beach access points, residential roads around beach locations, the downtown of Tofino, and along Hwy 4 by Cox Bay Beach Resort.
LACK OF BYLAW ENFORCEMENT for illegal camping and parking have contributed to the following public safety and quality-of-life concerns:
·      Traffic flow and congestion;
·      Ongoing noise that disturbs the peace, quiet, rest, and enjoyment of residential neighborhoods, particularly between the hour of 10 pm and 7 am;
·      Rental accommodations renting over the 6-person cap (not to mention illegal vacation rentals); and
·      Additional ongoing behavioural and nuisance issues, such as open alcohol in public spaces with empties left behind, animal control ,  private, public property and streets being used as toilets and personal garbage left on the streets and at the beaches.
The residents of Tofino can only do so much and should not be responsible to enforce Tofino’s Bylaws. Furthermore, bylaws should not be solely a complaint driven process and tickets should not be issued as warnings.  
We need the District staff, as well as the elected Mayor and Council to step up and enforce local bylaws  to keep our community safe and to maintain our community standards for the residents and the future sustainability of our town.




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