Activation of Wi-Fi in Hostel-H, NIT Raipur.

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The 765 Seater Hostel-H (Image-1) was Inaugurated in 2012 (see image-2). 7 years have passed but there is no WiFi connection at the convenience of every room.

Each hostel of NIT Raipur (A, B, D, E, G, including PG) has a personal LAN connectivity facility provided to each individual student, except for hostel H, which is one of Chhattisgarh's biggest and best among college hostels.

Hostel mess is the only location where students can use WiFi, but mess tables are not tidy enough to maintain laptops and books on it. (see photo 5). Most of the time students and mess workers watch TV in the mess hall, the noise of cooking food, people shouting creates a lot of disturbance, and mosquito bites make sitting in the mess unbearable.

Around 30% of total Hostel-H rooms have the worst connectivity for the mobile network (refer to image 3), all middle block rooms, rooms on the ground floor and some on the first floor have zero mobile networks. Forget about surfing the internet, even making and receiving calls from these rooms is impossible.

Last year After complaining to The Hostel-H wardens, Wi-Fi routers were installed on every floor (see picture 4), but Wi-Fi services did not yet begin, even after 1 year of set-up.

The college network is the only medium through which we can access our MIS account. A Student needs to come from the 5th floor to the 1st floor for checking information and to update details.

As an Institute of National importance, it is not appreciable to be delayed in WiFi activation. The Hostel-H students pay the same amount of Hostel-Fee as the rest of the hostel students, but we are unfortunately in a situation in which we are unable to access WiFi at the comfort of our rooms.

The lack of Wi-Fi Connection has caused many limitations for the students. A students whole day revolves around the internet. From online studying, reliable communication, research, online degrees, educational stationery, tools and applications, form submission, online test and data storage, etc.

The provision of the Wi-Fi facility is extremely important because hostels at NIT Raipur should be updated technologically. 

Therefore, on behalf of all Hostel-H students, I request THE DIRECTOR NIT RAIPUR to provide a Wi-Fi facility within reach of every room, as quickly as possible.

The access to wireless internet within student living spaces will increase student productivity, improve living experiences, and boost NIT Raipur's overall appeal towards incoming generations.