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The Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress: Give priority for ratings and benefits to seriously ill/injured Veterans

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“No one who fights for this country overseas, should ever have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they have earned when they come home.”

— President Barack Obama, on Nov. 11, 2011

Due to the backlog of some 900,000 VA disability claims, the most seriously ill/injured with the most complicated claims are processed last with dire consequences for these vets mentioned below.

Whereas there is a substantial backlog of VA Claims awaiting finalization; and

Whereas less complicated claims are given priority by the VA for completion in order to reduce the backlog of claims; and

Whereas this results in those with complicated claims sometimes having to wait years for completion; and

Whereas many of those waiting have such serious service-connected disabilities that they have been deemed unemployable by the Social Security Administration, and/or Medically Retired with a DoD disability rating greater than 80%, and/or enrolled in the VA Caregiver Program;

Whereas the VA provides NO priority claims processing for those enrolled in Social Security Disability, with DoD disability ratings, or the VA Caregiver Program;

Whereas without a completed VA Rating, these severely disabled veterans are unable to receive qualified treatment, medications, compensation, or needed VA Home Modification Grants as well as other earned benefits resulting in high levels despair, stress, depression and suicide while attempting to cope with unresolvable medical and financial stress;

Therefore be it resolved, that for the benefit of those most seriously wounded, ill, or injured veterans with a clear service connection, that Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs ensure those veterans enrolled in Social Security Disability, and/or are medically retired with a DoD disability rating of 75% or greater, and/or the VA Caregiver Program have their ratings completed first, and given the highest priority for completion; and

Therefore be it further resolved that we demand application of Temporary Disabled Individual Unemployability (TDIU) ratings and benefits for those seriously disabled service-connected veterans mentioned above, retroactive to their qualification under existing program standards.


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Another sad story:

"The VA disabilities backlog is the biggest issue facing new veterans that's preventing them from transitioning on to civilian life -- getting health care and compensation for injuries they suffered, " said Ann Weeby, San Francisco 32, who served in Iraq and recently joined IAVA for Storm the Hill in Washington as a Leadership Fellow.  "They fought for their country. They shouldn't have to fight for their benefits."


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