To change the appeals system for Calculated Grades

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Do you feel like you've been unfairly treated by the calculated grades system?

We want to change the appeals process for the calculated grades system that affected the Leaving Cert class of 2020. We want to broaden the grounds of appeal beyond the current very limited grounds (clerical error only) so that students' actual performance for the subject in question can be examined.

Secondly, pending the outcome of any such modified appeal process appellants will not lose out on their CAO place that would have been offered if they had been treated fairly. All citizens have a fundamental human right to be treated with fairness and equality.

We wish to create a change for all students who have been treated unfairly and haven't received their college place because of this system. If you or anyone you know has been treated unfairly please sign below, send this to your friends and send this to all public representatives. We need to stand together to right this wrong and support your friends.