Save a beautifully maintained old military heritage building from being demolished at MHOW

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This building was constructed as a Military Hospital at MHOW (Madhya Pradesh) in 1866, under the British Army. In 1953, it was appropriated as the All Arms Wing of the Army Signal Training School. It later housed the Headquarters of the Army Training Command (HQ ARTRAC) from 1991 to 1994. When ARTRAC moved to Shimla, the Army School at Mhow (now Army Public School)  was then housed in this magnificent heritage building, since 1994, and still functions from there, till date. The Army has decided to demolish this heritage structure, on the grounds that its general maintenance is too expensive to sustain. However, as a structure, it has stood the test of time since the last 152 years and will certainly remain structurally strong for at least another century, if not more. It was declared a heritage structure several years ago, but has come up for demolition in the near future. In fact, over the years, crores of Rupees have been spent, in order to keep the building in its pristine glory. Its hard to imagine why the order for its its demolition came up at all. Interestingly, at the main gate entrance to the school, a large hording proudly displayed the historical significance and the 'heritage tag' of the School building. The hording was recently removed, indicating that the end of this heritage building was near.

In justifying the demolition, the ARMY will cite reasons such as breach of Contractual Obligations. However, this "Contractual Obligation" can surely be overcome if the Honourable Defence Minister stays the demolition order, by altering the terms and conditions of the contract, wherein,  the Contractual Obligation could be re-appropriated for some other major construction project, thus causing no financial loss to the Contractor. Indeed, for such a magnificent building, the Honourable Defence Minister is requested, if need be, to agree to even bear a certain financial loss for a noble cause, simply to preserve such a historically important and structurally sound, heritage building. Already, another such heritage building, the present Military Hospital, was recently brought down under similar circumstances, breaking the hearts of the people of Mhow. It will be dreadful if the Army School building too is brought down. My prayer and humble petition to you, Honourable Defence Minister, is to please, PLEASE prevent the demolition of this magnificent heritage building at MHOW. Let not such demolitions wipe out the traces of our rich heritage and our history.