University of Calgary Online; School Compensation

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There are multiple issues within the deliverance of the online courses at the University of Calgary that we believe need to be addressed. These issues include but are not limited to: mental health degradation of students due to unnecessary stress, extremely difficult midterms that punish those who adhere to the rules of academic misconduct despite understanding the risks of cheating, the quality of instruction being inadequate with majority of courses, inherent technological problems that clearly show a lack of care in terms of students learning, time constraint of exams, lack of leniency with professors, and many more. 

We believe that students should be given more flexibility when it comes to exam writing times--this allows for international students and students who have prior engagements and commitments to still be able to write their exams in a fair given time frame--and some form of GPA compensation due to the differences in online learning and the unprofessional deliverance of material and expectations associated with the courses (this does not include every professor, however there is a substantial portion). The lack of leniency and double standards, such as raising the requirements for a letter grade in many courses, by certain professors given the current situation of a pandemic is nothing short of unfair and unprofessional and it must be addressed.Exams should cover COURSE MATERIAL and nothing more, there have been many experiences of completely unfair exams due to the fear of students cheating. 

We understand this situation in terms of academic misconduct, but students who adhere to the rules of misconduct should not feel as though they are being punished because of their peers' poor choice to cheat. If you have experienced any of the above issues then we implore you to sign this petition and share it as well.