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We call for the immediate firing of Taylor Bigler by The Daily Caller

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Taylor Bigler, Entertainment Editor of The Daily Caller has written an article about the sexual mutilation and abuse of a man at the hands of his ex-girlfriend. In writing this article, Ms. Bigler somehow found this man's horrific injuries which may have caused permanent damage and the crime committed against him by his ex-girlfriend to be a humorous and positive event. If the genders were reversed and a man ripped the breast from a woman's body, would Ms. Bigler have made comments such as "As if this story isn't already good enough...." Good enough? So Ms. Bigler finds some good out of this poor man's sexual mutilation.

We ask that Taylor Bigler resign from The Daily Caller or be fired by them. Nothing short of Ms. Bigler's resignation or firing will suffice.

I guess as Entertainment Editor, Ms. Bigler finds this type of abuse entertaining and humorous. This incident's reporting is no place for jokes, puns and other light-hearted comments. This is a severe domestic violence incident. We who sign this petition are tired of the media making light of domestic violence when the perpetrator is a woman and the victim is a man. First we see The Talk call the drugging, tying up and cutting off of a man's penis by his ex as "fabulous" and now we hear Ms. Bigler call the removal of a man's scrotum as "good". " As if this story isn't already good enough...."? The only thing good enough for Ms. Bigler is her removal from The Daily Caller permanently. A public apology from The Daily Caller is also in order for publishing this misandric article. Any of the people signing this petition will also be unsubscribing from The Daily Caller if they are subscribers.


This petition could have been in the Men's rights category. But refuses to make one. They give more rights to animals than men. Please sign and share this petition as well. Thank you.

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