Stop Taking Children Out of the Loving Arms of Their Biological Parents

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My daughter was kidnapped by my mother based on a story that my mother is telling. My mother says that my daughter told her that she was molested. The problem that I have is not with the story itself, but that my mother refuses to get my daughter the help that she needs. There has been no police report nor has my daughter gone to counseling and I am now unable to visit my daughter or even talk to her. If the story were true then why would the court system not make my mother at least do this for my daughter?

When I left my daughter with my mother to go to school in Florida I never imagined what would transpire during my absence and return. In December of 2012 I left to go to mechanic school, and because my schedule was from 4pm to 1am, I decided that it would be in my 10 year old child's best interest to have my mother care for her until I was finished with school. When I got to Florida I delayed my enrollment, got an apartment, and changed my schedule. Before this story ever came out my mother refused to send my daughter to me once I made these adjustments.

Upon my return from school I was hit with the hard reality that my mother did not want to return my daughter to my care and had never intended on doing so. This person who was supposed to be my guiding light and supporter had pulled the rug out from underneath me, refused me my custodial rights to take my daughter home with me, and filed for guardianship.

Once I was served with papers I was given two weeks to prepare when I had two jobs that kept me from being able to travel up to Oregon from California to secure a low-income lawyer. I was denied a request for a continuance and, even though I was qualified, the court fee waiver.

Once I went to the hearing I realized that the judge was a friend of my ex-boyfriend's ex-wife whom had given me the option to ask for a different judge during a traffic hearing in 2012. This was based on the fact that she could not remain unbiased because she knew the witness to the traffic incident and she was her friend. I was not extended the same courtesy during my guardianship hearing.

For five hours I was bullied by the judge and the my mother's lawyer with no legal representation to stand up for me. I was told by the judge that I should not date men until my daughter was 18, that I was to blame for my daughter's molestation (I'm as much of a victim as my daughter in this matter), that I could not have my child until I had my own place without roommates and a job for a year, and that my job with Redwood Children's Services was "welfare".

The whole court hearing had been based around my mother testifying that I didn't have enough money to raise my child, which is completely untrue; I have a stable home and an income to support my child. The judge took my mother's side and did not even allow me to speak for myself and made her decision against me. I was overwhelmed and left the courtroom without being able to finish the rest of the judgement because I had a panic attack; I had heard enough.

Once I had left the courtroom, my friend who was still present had witnessed the judge say that she was trying to test me to see if I would crack, when the judge knew full well that in the court documents it was stated that I have a mental disorder, which is PTSD from the abuse and truama inflicted by the very person petitioning to take my daughter away from me.

All evidence that the lawyer presented was not received by myself in the form of copies so that I could defend myself in court and I was completely blindsided. My ex, who did also legally have half custody was served outside of the alloted time and the judge still did nothing about it. The hearing and the decision was conducted illegally, unethically, and my rights were not extended to me.

Many times during the hearing my mother was proven to have committed perjury, yet her testimony was accepted as truth without a shred of evidence. Lie #1: My daughter did not know how to use utensils until she lived with my mother. Lie #2: That my mother had my daughter for 18 months. Lie #3: That I had always been jobless and homeless. Lie #4: That my mother made a police report regarding the supposed molestation. Lie #5: That I left my daughter in the care of my mother throughout the years and had always been in her life. Lie #6: That I was a methanphetamine user...the list goes on and on.

There was also no investigation regarding whether or not my mother is a suitable guardian nor was there a mediator assigned to the case. In the end, my mother received all rights to deny me any access to my daughter, which she has fully abused.

I am asking that the state of Oregon recognize this and return my child to me. My daughter is being poisoned against me and she does not understand that my mother is manipulating her, making her believe that I do not want to see her, and keeping her away from me. This is typical of an abusive person, that they would alienate others and isolate the person they are abusing.

My daughter needs to be with me so she can receive the counseling that she needs and that she no longer can be mentally abused by my mother and her boyfriend. There is a child's life in the balance right now and I have little power to help her. Please help my daughter be reunited with her mother, the only person who is truly looking out for her health and well-being. 

The story goes much deeper than this though. My brothers and I have made statements regarding the abuse that we all went through at the hands of my mother: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and even sexual. All that we wanted was to break away from her and the cycle of abuse. Our mother is abusing us further through our own children, intent on focusing and inflicting pain on the next generation. All that I want is to raise my daughter free from the tyrannical restraints of my abusive mother.

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