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The Congressional Reform Act/ Two Terms caps on pay

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The reason why this is important to me, is my father fought for this country in WW2 and received the Bronze star. Came home with a disease that rotted his legs. He was in and out of hospitals for years, he finally had to go on veterans disability. My father would have been a much wealthier man, working in the fishing industry. My mother died in 1999, after her second bout with cancer. My father filed bankruptcy, because the health insurance did not pay for it all; but congress had health care that he could not afford and I beleive that the inaction of Congress to not fix the health care system is due to special interest. By putting two 5 year term limits on senators,two Year two terms for repesenitives, If  thy do not serve a second term, the first term cannot be counted towards their pension, caps on pay and pensions and  have them wait until 65 to collect there pensions, and having them pay 50% more for their healthcare. They should not be paid more than $100,000.00 a year.Thy should not be allowed to own stocks or blind trust or their spouses,While in Office.. Others like my father who had gone to and endured war while making a better life for the citizens of our country, did not have healthcare for their spouses like the members of Congress. It is about public service, not personal gain. Nothing has changed.  No one should have to file bankrupcty if a spouse or child falls ill. Thank you for your consideration. 

                                                                                                   Sincerely, Frank Brown

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