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Petitioning The Commissioner of Police, Chennai City

Enforce ban on Narikuruvas hunting Cats & Dogs within Chennai City


In November last year, our pet cat Tamasha Tabby went missing, along with around 15 other cats in our neighbourhood in Kilpauk, Chennai. A tip-off from a nearby shopkeeper who saw narikuravas - men with catapults and nets who primarily hunt domestic animals for food- take away cats that sat on walls and roamed near garbage dumps. We teamed up with a policeman and a local auto driver and started checking narikurava settlement in and around Chennai to look for Tabby. What followed was a gut-wrenching discovery – cats being gutted, skinned and bludgeoned to death, kittens with heavy chains wrapped around their necks awaiting slaughter and crowded enclosures of adult cats on death row.

Chennai’s cats (both pets and community cats) are living on borrowed time. There has been a huge rise in these illegal trappings and cruel deaths by the narikuruva community who continue to live on the fringes of society. Sadly, even residents’ associations, managements of Law Institutions and Civic bodies ‘enlist’ narikuruvas to perform illegal culling operations for a fee as a ‘urban animal population control measure’, though history has shown that the only effective strategy to reduce the population of homeless animals is ABC (animal birth control). There is also the danger of a rising rodent population (and resultant spread of life-threatening diseases) that is the certain outcome of cat culling programmes.  

We seek justice not just for Tamasha Tabby but also for the many other animals that suffer unimaginable cruelty for no fault of theirs – you are their voice. Sign this petition for affirmative action for the city’s cats who want nothing more than a peaceful existence in a world that belongs as much to them as it does to us.

Letter to
The Commissioner of Police, Chennai City
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Commissioner of Police, Chennai City.

Enforce ban on Narikuruvas hunting Cats & Dogs within Chennai City

Narikuruvas are itinerant gypsy community of Tamil Nadu. Hunters of small animals’ Narikuruvas often hunt and kill cats, squirrel, birds etc even within the city limits of Chennai City. Cat owners in Chennai have lost their pet cats to Narikuruvas for many years now causing much distress and anguish to them.
Narikuruvas use home-made guns (flintlocks), catapult and noose to entrap and kill these animals including pet cats which they steal from private grounds and gardens. The captured animals are drugged and then transported in small tight cages or gunny sacks, openly, sometime in public transports. Bludgeoning, skinning and gutting are some of the methods used to kill these animals and it violates basic human values of compassion and causes unnecessary suffering to these helpless animals.
The practice is cruel to the animals and open use of guns is dangerous to residents of a city too. Though hunting within the city limits, with any sort of guns, use of catapults and ropes for garrotte noose are banned Narikuruvas continue to openly flout these laws taking advantage of the lack of strict policing.
There is an urgent and crucial need for Chennai’s administrative, police and judicial authorities to come together to prevent these cruel deaths by.

• By enforcing the ban on Narikuruvas from carrying their hunting weapons and hunting within the city limits of Chennai.

• Registering and prosecuting offences committed by Narikuravas (and individuals/associations who enlist them) under Sec 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960

• Government-funded, NGO-run animal birth control cum anti-rabies programmes for community cats

We suggest a joint effort between government and social welfare organizations help Narikuravas’ to find alternative vocations for viable means of livelihood and opportunities for rehabilitation, thereby pre-empting these tragic killings.
This is our appeal to the Commissioner of Police, Chennai City and the Commissioner of the Chennai City Corporation from pet owners who have lost their pet and animal lovers of the city to ensure this practice is stopped. –

Chennai City Cat Owners



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