The Colorado River is disappearing. It’s time we get our water from sustainable sources!

The Colorado River is disappearing. It’s time we get our water from sustainable sources!

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Hartzog

“The lifeline of the Southwest” weaves her way to the ocean, but no longer reaches her destination. The Colorado River is dying! 

If you live in the Western United States, or Mexico then you are probably impacted in some way by the Colorado River. Or the Colorado River is possibly impacted by you, for the Colorado River supports 40 million people and endless species of plants and animals. In 1922 the Colorado River stretched nearly 3000 square miles and today it covers less than 250. 

Unfortunately fresh water sources only make up two percent of water on our beautiful planet and some of that is frozen. Sadly we, the people, are literally sucking the life right out of the precious Colorado River. 

It’s time to stop depleting the water out of the Colorado River and other fresh water sources before it’s too late. 

You turn on the news in the western United States and it’s drought this and drought that! What if I told you that is a big fat lie. There is no drought!!!  

Let’s take California for example. The Colorado River supplies roughly a third of the water for Southern California cities!  Why? Why is that happening when California is literally sitting next to trillions of gallons of water in the Pacific Ocean and if that’s not enough water, there are also trillions of gallons of water in the air! Yes, water can easily be pulled right out of the air. Ah now you see! No drought, especially in California!!!

And Arizona, no drought! Did you know Arizona is only 60 miles from the ocean? Of course that piece of the Ocean is in Mexico territory.  But I bet Mexico would be happy to allow the USA access to that water so as to let their portion of the Colorado River refill itself, since the USA is using all of their Colorado River water. In fact their portion is dried up and indigenous people have been robbed of that water and of their livelihood because people in the USA are using their water. 

Now that you clearly see there’s no water shortage, how do we fix this mess so we can allow the precious river to refill?

We pull water out of the air and we desalinize ocean water, just like our friends in Israel!  Sixty percent of Israel is desert lands yet they have a surplus of fresh water because their water comes from the ocean! Not only that but their citizens pay less for their water than we, in the Western USA, do. 

President John F Kennedy talked about how important it is to get fresh water to a growing population, stating in April 1961 that “In this administration we will put a man on the moon and make the desert bloom.” He  also added, “If we could ever competitively, at a cheap rate, get fresh water from saltwater, that would be in the long range interests of humanity and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishments.” 

You may have heard the big ole lie that it’s too expensive to get our water from the ocean. Shame on those people who say this.  That lie is allowing plants and animals of the Colorado River to go extinct.  That lie is making our water prices soar! That lie is stealing water from the very crops that sustain us.  There are so many "cheap" sources of power that come from the ocean, such as Wind Power, Solar Power, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion or even Tidal Energy. Also Utah legislators are considering putting in a pipeline from the ocean to refill The Great Salt Lake that’s also being depleted because of this “drought”, so we know it can easily be done!!!  If we can build pipelines for oil then we can also do it for our water. 

So why hasn't this already been done? Because, in the USA there’s too much red tape to get anything fixed. In fact it took 20 years to get a desalination plant approved for San Diego’s desalination plant. 20 years! Why? So they can shove their drought agenda down our throats. And because water is big money when you think there’s a shortage.

We can’t wait 20 years to start getting our water from the ocean.
We get to demand change now. We deserve desalination plants that provide all of these western states their water. We deserve pipelines that can get all of this mineral rich water to farmers, crops, agriculture, orchards, soils and to the people and especially the indigenous peoples.
Let’s explore just how mineral rich this deep ocean water is. When diluted down, the minerals match our blood so perfectly that deep ocean water can be used for blood transfusions. It also remineralizes the soils in the perfect ratio!!! The United States government website, has this to say about deep sea water, “Research has proven that DSW can help overcome health problems especially related to lifestyle-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and skin problems.” It’s also great for our plants and animals and it allows our fresh water sources to replenish themselves.

Please sign this petition to tell our government we are tired of their fake drought and that we are tired of them depleting our fresh water sources. 

We demand that California start getting all of its water from the ocean or from the air, preferably both.

We demand pipelines be put in, that grant Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming access to deep ocean water or water pulled from the air.

We demand that the Colorado River be left alone and allowed to refill.

Water is a human right and we demand that we, as citizens of the USA, have access to the healthiest water there is, and we demand that it happen NOW, not in 20 years, because the Colorado River does not have 20 years. We don’t have 20 years. 

We demand that the Native American tribes who are desperately in need of water, also be given this water!

Thank you for your assistance, I thank you, the Colorado River thanks you, and future generations thank you! Please let’s unite on this and make it happen.

This is our mess, if future generations are going to enjoy this river then we get to fix this, so please sign and share!

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Signatures: 187Next Goal: 200
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