Keep Dufferin Grove Rink Open Winter 2020/21

Keep Dufferin Grove Rink Open Winter 2020/21

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The City of Toronto (Councillor Ana Bailao)

Why this petition matters

Started by Abigail Pugh

Does it seem like a good winter to tear down the Dufferin Grove skating rinks?

That’s what the city is planning. It’s part of a renovation that was supposed to start March 2020
(after t​he skating season).

Do you think it’s bad timing to ​reduce outdoor activity space now?

-When Dufferin Grove rinks will be the only place many people (children) will be able to safely exercise and socialize outdoors this winter?

-When indoor hockey is cancelled, when gyms, libraries and restaurants may be closed due to COVID?

-When closing the rink now means the project will likely eat up two skating seasons instead of one?

We just need an engineer to come look at it to make sure it’s safe for this season (like last season).


And to boost our efforts, please tell ​City Councillor Ana Bailao a​nd the M​ayor John Tory what those rinks mean to you and your family this ​winter. A​sk them to ​start the renovation in February. Ask for an immediate inspection, so the community has transparency on what’s needed (if anything) to prolong its safe functioning.

Our local Councillor, Ana Bailao,

Mayor John Tory,​ ​






1,085 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!