Cariboo Road Crosswalk - Save Lives in Burnaby!

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Cariboo Road Crosswalk - Save Lives in Burnaby!

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Sarah-Kate Salmon started this petition to The City of Burnaby (Office of Engineering) and

7195 Cariboo Road, is the address of my dearly loved church Cariboo Hill - The Salvation Army.

This church holds a Before and After School Program, various youth events, and about 600 people walk in and out each week.

Directly beside this church is the Cariboo  co-op filled with young families and small children, teens, and many seniors.

And across from that? Another church named Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship  at 7200 Cariboo Road (Where the 'crosswalk' begins) that averages around 800 people in and out each week for various programs, including another daycare.

 However, in between these local outreaches and housing, is a deadly - and yes, literally deadly crosswalk.

 Since beginning my attendance to this church in September we have had one of our youth personally injured in this 'crosswalk' (where two signs are posted but nobody slows down), seen a car accident happen because of the inability to turn left out of the parking lot safely, seen an accident due to speeding down the hill, and now, tragically today, January 17, a 15 year old girl is dead because of the inability to cross the street safely.

There are hundreds of bus users, children, teens, seniors, runners, cyclists and everyday adults at risk. I personally have almost been hit a handful of times, and never feel safe crossing the street from the bus stop.

 This needs to change - and it's simple. There needs to be a new system here. Whether it's a blinking crosswalk or preferably a set of lights to force people to slow down this hill leading down Cariboo Road (in the 7100/7200 block) - something needs to be implemented or ultimately more lives will be lost. 

 There have been numerous attempts with these churches in reaching the city of Burnaby's Engineering Department to put something in place to keep us safe.

 Please sign this petition so that the City of Burnaby will see how important and especially how urgent this is.

 ** There was another person hit today (January 18) ironically due to the film crew being present. The cyclist hit is thankfully okay, but this is why we need this! 


 Proposed ideas:

A sign indicating on both streams of traffic that a stoplight is ahead.

An LED Speed Indicator or camera as many people speed.

A full set of stop lights, as a blinking crosslight may not suffice if people are speeding and cannot stop in time (hence why we need the camera).

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This petition had 12,598 supporters

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