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Stop the forced and illegal buffalo fights in Himachal.

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  Your support is urged for the stopping of "Buffalo Fight's", one of the most brutal activities-dubbed and promoted misleadingly as a traditional Folk Festival in Himachal Pradesh -India. Public support, censure and protest on this issue, is bound to make a very tangible difference in its popularity and acceptance amongst the people and, push the Government of Himachal  into enforcing existing  animal welfare laws and enact a stringent legislation for its complete Ban. 


Your  valued co-operation will find realisation, by way of signing and recruiting maximum support for the petition to be submitted to the Chief Minister of Himachal at the earliest.


   Every year hundreds of bruising, brutal and cruel Buffalo fights are hosted at several local Festivals, in the months of August-September, across different parts of Himachal Pradesh (India). Buffalo's are forcibly intoxicated beyond levels of sanity, (administered prohibited substances and alcohol) -prodded with iron rods, beaten with sticks and forced to fight, with their forelegs tied and held. This until -either one of them is gored and ground to defeat and death. The defeated Buffalo’s desperate attempts to escape, bleeding and bawling for mercy -on broken legs and ribs, dismantled horns dangling, stomachs and eyes gouged- is cruelly rebutted by the bloodthirsty crowd baying for grosser carnage . Hounded and beaten back into the crude blood ring, enclosed by an unrelenting human wall-defeat and death are more accommodating and merciful to their pain riddled bodies. The  crescendo of deathly drums beat on in unison as pair  after pair of reluctant and terror stricken Buffalo’s are pushed and heckled to similar fate, by the insatiable bestiality of the bloodthirsty crowds.  While the crowds satisfy their primordial instincts, the gamblers and sponsors gleefully gather their overflowing Jackpots- soaked in the tears and blood of the hapless Buffalo’s. The District Administration-when protested against, to stop such brutal activity, seeks to defend its collusive impotence on grounds: of not interfering in social traditions. (Read as vote bank politics).

Ironically a posse of Police are deputed at all such venues-not to prevent such illegal Sport keep the crowds organized –in order to view the bloodletting spectacle-without being subjected to the same-even  inadvertently ! Organized and illegal betting is at the root of this social evil. Rearing and sale of these prize Buffalo’s is big business ; as even after the fight the buffalo’s are profitably sold for slaughter and meat..being of no further human use. The amounts at stake run into Lacs of Rupees,

Human sacrifice was too once tradition in India and Himachal.  So was Sati- Immolation of Widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. They too were promoted for similar reasons, until banned and deterred by sever penal provisions. Invocation of culture in this instance as in the case of burning of witches at the stake in Europe, were decisively swept away by enlightened public opinion and legislation. The civilized world and people recognize and promote the welfare and rights of fellow animals . Those in India and Himachal cannot remain insulated or immune to the research and understanding of animal behavior and their conscious senstivity to pain and feelings. Which has primarily resulted in the attention and promotion of compassion and welfare of animals and elimination of their abuse.

There is no dearth of entertainment, or avenues to generate money. Why trade and abuse helpless living creatures, for vicarious primeval pleasure?  All such activities are illegal under both the prevailing animal welfare and criminal laws of India. The State government and those promoting, and participating in such cruelty, cannot claim culture as a justification for such ongoing cruelty. The participating viewers, Government officials and organizers of such carnivorous events need to be restrained, arrested and penalized under the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Such barbaric traditions/events are unacceptable in a conscious and civilized world. The Government is duty bound to restrain and prevent such primitive and superstitious activities. It enact a deterrent law to this end and BAN BUFFALO FIGHTS,  also encompassing all other animal fights, in the overall interest of Animal welfare and  a humane civilized society.







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