Reforms in Voting

Reforms in Voting

2 April 2021
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Mr. Sunil Arora The Chief Election Commissioner and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Indian Youth

We are writing this petition as the concerned common citizens of India. State Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in Kerala on 06th April 2021. The political climate is very turbulent and there are widespread rumors' of alleged attempts to double voting & fake voting everywhere. Media has also published several reports highlighting the occurrence of 4.34 Lack duplicate entries ( Reference: ) in the voter’s list of Kerala.  We are very upset to see that the actions taken by the government or election commission have not been able to inspire the required level of confidence in people with regard to the integrity of the system.

Free and fair elections are the keystone and backbone of any democracy, and here certain syndicates and lobbies are trying to break it by malpractices like faking votes, manipulating voter databases, and so on. It is an insult to the noble values of our freedom struggle and years of democratic tradition of India. A corrupted election process will lead to a corrupted government, which will ultimately become a disaster for the future of our country. 

Election commission should make immediate arrangements to conduct a Fair election.

What we are suggesting is to integrate Biometric scanning into the election process to prevent double voting by the same person, or votes of dead people being cast by an imposter, or any other malpractice likewise.

A two step process can be introduced into elections:

1.       Scanning of biometric information at the polling station prior to casting of votes when the voter arrives to vote. The scanned biometric detail is encrypted and is fed to digital database records. This record will automatically match with earlier entries to ensure that the same person has not cast his/her vote earlier anywhere else.

2.       Once the verification is done with the database, the voter can be permitted to proceed to register his vote through usual methods.

 Note: - The Biometric details recorded in the digital database is to be encrypted using an algorithm, in such a way that the encrypted record cannot be decrypted back to original form to reveal the identity of voter. This ensures that the privacy of vote is not compromised even if there are cyber breaches. As the biometric information is unique for every person, the encryption algorithm will also produce a unique code for each person. This is a simple way to ensure that there is no double voting, fake voting etc. while eradicating any scope for breach of privacy.

This also serves as an excellent opportunity, if efficient collaboration and coordination with UIDAI can utilize these special cases to capture the biometric details and seed them into UIDAI database to issue Aadhaar cards to such persons later in future. Hence achieving two goals at a time – ensuring fairness and universal coverage.

We hope these suggestions will be taken into consideration and implemented to ensure accountability and integrity in elections to strengthen democracy by use of available technological infrastructure in a time bound manner.
Jai Hind.


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Signatures: 312Next Goal: 500
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