"Sanctuary is better for animals, not zoo".

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Its simple, if we live in a house and do not allow to meet anybody, though its safe but for whole life i cant live in a small house made up of bars...yes i m talking about zoo... Yesterday i went to d zoo and i saw birds like owl, eagle, vulture, etc, actually these birds are meant for sky, to fly, but the zoo people are keeping them in a small cage, where they cannot even fly more than 2 seconds.

Tigers, lions, cheetahs, the fastest animal on the land, but it is of no use because it has to live in a small cage even he cannot run for 10 seconds also, then how can we say cheetahs are d fastest animal on d land.

Tortoise's lifespan is approximately 300 years, but in a small pond, i cant understand that they can live for more than 100 years

I believe d actual place for animals or birds are not zoo, but sanctuary...

In sanctuary, they are protected, they can live as they wish, they can have their area or zone or they can build their own habitat as per d requirement, bit in zoo we r making a comfortable place for them and they have to adjust...

Actually all d animals are having their family anf they have d right to live...

If they are birds then we should givg them sky, not cage.

If they are animals then we should provide them a land, not cage.

In short, i m just keeping my point that animals are to be kept in d open jungle or to keep them safe, we can keep them in d Sanctuary, but not in the Zoo.