Stop distributing the sexist 'Young Members' leaflets

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Stop distributing the sexist 'Young Members' leaflets

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Franzi Florack started this petition to The CAMRA Chairman and Directors (CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale))

UPDATE (14/10/14- 15:55am): This morning, CAMRA released a 'statement' which acknowledges that the flyers have been withdrawn but which does not apologise for the images. Please have a look below to read an updated response.


CAMRA has recently launched a flyer aimed at future 'Young Members' who are part of university Real Ale societies. These were sent to the societies and were supposed to be distributed at Freshers' Fairs. 

The flyers show incredibly sexist pictures of vintage pin up models who wear low cut corsets, have open red lips and blond hair and who present their boobs and themselves to the viewer and the male beer drinkers in the flyer. 

This is not just an offensive way to objectify women who join Real Ale societies but also an insult to the intelligence and taste of ANYONE has has fought hard to stop 'beer sexism'. 

We believe that the Real Ale community should present itself as inclusive, non-threatening and friendly and that it should promote gender equality in ideology and visual images. 

Please join our petition to have these flyers removed from circulation and work against gender stereotyping in Real Ale. Here is how you can make a difference:

* Sign the petition
* Send an email of complaint to
* If you are a member of a university Real Ale society, speak to your president and ask them to return the flyers to CAMRA

Past emails to CAMRA have only led to a luke-warm response which talks about 'difference in opinion', that they are not a sexist organisation because of women on the board and that some kind of quality control process was employed. This is NOT satisafactory and action needs to be taken to REMOVE the flyers- and understand who sanctioned these images in the first place.

Thank you for doing your bit to stand up to sexism and support the image of young people who enjoy drinking good beer responsibly. 

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This petition had 327 supporters

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