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The Board of Regents- Morgan State University: Overturn the contract renewal decision of President Wilson

The students of Morgan State University have a voice and we want to keep our current President in office.
President Wilson’s Top 5 Accomplishments At Morgan State University
1). significantly improved the financial health of the University as confirmed by rating agency reviews.
2. Accommodated a 10.5 percent increase in enrollment while State support has remained level.
3. Reallocated funding to:
a. Build a facility renewal fund to better maintain campus facilities
b. Enhance the university's writing lab
c. Provide additional data bases in support of instruction and research
d. Enhance Stem Labs
e. Maintain accreditation
4. Provided a wireless network for 90 percent of the campus.
5. Commissioned a comprehensive review of the public safety operations and, as a result, implemented organizational adjustments to increase emphasis on campus and public safety, as well as invested in a variety of programs, systems and equipment to improve campus safety.

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  • Office of the Board of Regents Administrative Assistant
    The Board of Regents- Morgan State Univeristy
  • Chairman of the Board of Regents
    Dallas R. Evans
  • Representative
    Elijah Cummings

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