Stop Global Recycling Programs Until These 7 Policies Are Enforced

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Hello there, it's time to take action and sign a petition to get recycling programs to properly market themselves and do the job right or be forced to shut down. I have written several pieces covering recycling's current structure as it relates to ocean dumping. Yes! Recycling and recycling contamination leads to ocean dumping. No doubts about it. If you are lost on how we know this is happening and to learn the BIG move China made January 1st to stop buying/importing the world's recycling, catch-up here:

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Global Recycling Should Be Halted Until These 8 Policies Are in Place:

1. Until all the waste that is already in our ocean is considerably cleared out we need to stop adding any additional contributions like recycling.

Why? Without the option of recycling being closed for a while, there will be no way to achieve awareness of consumption levels, because we always have the excuse to say "But we recycle." And this statement is wrong: we recycle so poorly that our recycling exports are largely contaminated which leads to ocean dumping up to 40% of it. The act of recycling adds more waste to the ocean, so this option needs to be closed for a period of time to create GLOBAL awareness and allow for the next 7 steps to be completed.

2. The recycling industry must be forced to change its name to secondary sorting and sales centers if they don't produce actual processed recyclable material.

Why? This will help alleviate consumer confusion over what domestic recycling companies actually do, which is collect, sort and resell waste. The name recycling center should be reserved exclusively for facilities that turn out an end product such as a recycled bottle or chemicals to make a new bottle. When you go to 90% of centers that categorize/name themselves recycling centers: you CANNOT walk out with an end product? So, why are they called this when this is not what they do! The name must change or consumers will never understand that our recycling centers rely on partners overseas who need clean waste to get recycling done. Right now, consumers think that because their country would never ocean dump, that their recycling that is contaminated would also never be ocean dumped. Which is incorrect, the countries who process the actual recycling DO ocean dump. Get it? Not in 1 million years can people realize this. We must create transparency immediately.

3. Recycling centers MUST be required to produce 100% clean waste no matter the costs to consumers or governments. Everyone must pay to do it correctly or simply STOP doing it at all.

Why? Doing it wrong is leading to ocean dumping. We are mass scaling a system that leads in large part to ocean dumping. A very, very bad idea. Raise the cost and let the chips fall where they may. If people can't pay - then this idea needs to be closed!

4. The government must STOP being rewarded for selling contaminated recycling to third world countries who ocean dump and SAVING billions in landfill tipping fees. Into the future, governments should be charged the original landfill tipping fee for the waste that was avoided.

Why? We have a fee for traditional waste management that we have to pay when we add trash to the landfill...but we do not have a FEE to support the REAL costs of recycling with no errors. We need money to get recycling right first before it can be profitable! This fee should still be applied to all waste, except now the fee for the waste averted by recycling - this money goes to improving collection of waste for the next 10 years. Stop scaling a system that markets environmental friendliness and then POLLUTES based on a poorly designed system? That is FALSE marketing and should be stopped immediately. Get more than one to four bins going and reinvest in the education needed to do recycling right. 

5. The savings the government has made in landfill tipping fee's for the last 30 years for selling contaminated waste to other countries should be charged back - IMMEDIATELY by the ton exported.

Why? Who is responsible for ocean waste? It is actually partially caused by recycling contamination that never makes it to a recycling plant overseas. It's time to take responsibility for the failed system. That money should be re-cooperated and applied towards ocean clean-up projects equally per country per ton exported for the last 30 years. Canada has already allocated $100M to ocean clean-up projects as mentioned at the G7 summit.

6. Any country exporting waste should ONLY be able to sell to nations that have waste management standards for their own regular waste. And, that should be proven successful for at least 5 years until they become an approved recycling buyer.

Why? Since China is not accepting our waste anymore - all our recycling waste is now being sold to third world secondary markets that in large part do not have actual waste management under control for their own waste! Why would we send recycling to those nations with no guarantee that it will be properly managed? How can it be properly managed if they already throw everything they create into the ocean - there is no preferential treatment of foreign recycling waste? Please STOP this deadly process!

7. All consumers are 'Certified to Consume' and held responsible for recycling standards like they would be held to upholding road rules when issued a Drivers License.

Why? The biggest culprit of recycling contamination is due to consumers not understanding the gravity of putting the wrong things into the bin. If you are responsible enough to operate a motorized vehicle you should also understand and prove the basic principals of recycling. And there should be enforcement of recycling policies that allow for consumers who agree to pay for a service to actually do their part. If you pay for this service is it fair if some people are doing it wrong and others are doing it right? Fines can and should be issued for improperly managing your homes recycling waste. Period.

As you can see, we need standards for this awful practice that is indefinitely hurting our environment in a very real and traceable way - especially POST the China waste ban enforced since January 1st 2018.

Who's dropping the ball on awareness?

1. Media outlets are not covering how the China waste ban is impacting recycling. Even when there is mention of recycling contamination, there is NO rhetoric which would clearly help expand everyone's awareness about secondary markets taking in foreign waste when they don't even have their own waste management in place. Recycling contamination leads to ocean dumping. This needs to be the center focus of attention, it is being left out all across the board. If you didn't hunt for this information, you would NEVER find out.

2. Our government has no standards for recycling to produce 100% clean recyclable waste. New policies have not been issued to meet accuracy objectives downstream when it gets to sorting centers only making recycling an increasingly dangerous and harmful activity to the environment. The current bin collection system is too inefficient and this task falls on municipalities. They MUST tackle this.

3. Recycling centers sold unclean waste to China for 30 years and CONTINUE to do so without any second thoughts toward what happens to the things that are not possible to recycle once overseas. Nor informing consumers of the REAL + TRUE consequences of waste that makes it into a recycling container. It does not get recycled - it gets ocean dumped. This is wrong and must be made illegal immediately.

4. Corporations for championing recycling as their main pillar of sustainability and yet when only a handful of sustainability directors know what I have outlined in my last 8 articles - they DON'T know the repercussions of recycling that doesn't get recycled. And WORSE yet, if you are going to say we will use all recyclable plastics by 2020. Ok great What are consumers going to do with that recycled bottle of Coke when they're done drinking it, if in about 1-year recycling is going to completely collapse?

5. Consumers for never asking a single question about recycling contamination nore asking their recycling centers to improve it. For blindly agreeing to pay for a process that is inaccurate and leads to 40% of it being ocean dumped.

What do we need to do?

Sign this petition to get the ball rolling. Stop recycling until contamination is ZERO percent with these 8 policy ideas. Sign now to get the ball rolling. These are easy fixes that can lead to a dramatic reduction in recycling contamination and on-board millions of new recyclers who have given up on this flawed system. 

We do it right or NOT AT ALL! All for one, one for all - please do your part. 

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