Ban sale or purchase of companion animals.

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India is a land of ahimsa and being compassionate towards animals is part of every religion but with growing human population, ground reality is far from that. There are many homeless animal citizens suffering cruelty at the hands of their human counterparts.  
   To curb this we need to take a leaf out of Netherlands’ stray dog policy. They have done extensive ABC and have banned sale or purchase of dogs until all homeless dogs in the country are adopted. We need to extend this to all companion animals and need this law to take into effect immediately. We can then make India free of homeless animals as all animals would’ve been adopted. 
There should be strict punishments for any deviations and all animals should be given shelter locally in their territories until they are adopted. 
 This one move will immediately create a new found love for our indigenous animals. Without a market place more people will show interest in adoption of homeless animals.
Without many starving homeless animals on streets, the cruelty will automatically decrease. It’s a win win for people who love animals as well as people who hate them